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Comparing Window Companies

What should I look for in a replacement window? Should I compare other companies to Weathergard?


Thank you for your inquiry. Many people struggle with the same question.

Window companies all seem to make the same claims and most all appear to “look” the same – so how do you know?

If you actually look at some of the lesser, “give-away” brands and then compare what you see with the Weathergard, you will notice a heavier, thicker, commercial grade frame on the Weatherguard. more

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Installing Windows in Cold Weather

Is a cold weather window install appropriate?


Thanks for the follow up.

Is it “safe” to install window and window flashing products in cold weather?

“Yes” if the appropriate steps are taken. Not all installers are going to rely on specialized tapes to flash the units with. Manufacturer’s specifications must prevail.

If they are using a metal/vinyl/bituthene material to flash with, the weather issue is moot.

Ask the company you are dealing with what effect cold will have as well as what techniques they will more

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Royal Tech Windows


Thank you for listening to the Inside Outside Guys and for a great question – we tout Royal Tech Windows – but what do we really know about them?

Ken and I have a combined 60 plus years in the building industry – using every kind of product from various manufacturer’s and installers.

Ken has actually had Royal Tech Windows installed in his primary residence. But, more than that, we have had the chance to see how the company views its responsibility more

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Updating Windows

Name: Don

City: Farmington

Question: You guys helped me with Knowles roofing, so I’m trying for question/answer #2.

I live in a 1963 home w/original wood windows. I know the cost to replace them will be expensive. Have you ever heard of anyone that updates existing single pane glass windows to double pane? I’ve seen it in an older building in downtown Plymouth.

Just trying to do the most cost effective thing.

Thanks. Don,

Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate your more

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Name: Dennis 

City: Bloomfield

Question: Hey guys we have anderson windows installed new eleven yrs. ago in our new home. After builder warranty ran out, we found out we have a condition called brick rollover that puts pressure on bottom of frame and hindering opening and closing windows. Do you have any advice or recommend anyone that could help me out? I live in New Baltimore and do have an idea of what I could do but would greatly appreciate your input. more

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Energy Efficient Widows

Name: Nancy City: Flat Rock, MI

Question: Last August we had replacement windows installed in our house. We replaced all the windows except two sliding door walls and our two entrance doors. Is it normal for these windows to fog up on the outside if it is damp or humid outside? The company told us that we will experience this problem in the spring and fall. The windows are doing a good job keeping our house much more comfortable but when they fog, the windows look terrible. We more

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Name: Branden City: Southgate

Question: We’re planning to replace our windows, siding and entry doors but not all at once. If we were to do one of those projects a year over the next 3 years, is there an order in which you would recommend we tackle those projects? The house is cinder block construction and the concrete thresholds are cracked and will need to be replaced when we replace the entry doors. Also, can you make any recommendations for who to call more

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Name: Nicole City: Brownstown

Question: Is there any way to repair the flashing @ a basement window? The window seems to be leaking from above the steel brick ledge. I don’t see any evidence of a flashing material, or weep spaces. any ideas??? -Nicole

Answer: Nicole,

Thank you for listening – we appreciate you.

A leaking basement window from the TOP side of the window is likely one of two things, if it is frequent and not wind driven. 1-Water could be running under the steel lintel and finding more

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Name: Sharron City: Oxford

Question: I wanted your opinion on insulated siding and also to know how difficult is it to do it yourself? I have to say, when I do it myself that is what I mean. I can sometimes count on my sisters to help but usually depend on myself. Or is it better to have a contractor install?

I was wondering what your opinion is on window replacements, specifically “Weather guard Windows” as opposed to others? Thank you for your more

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Question: I have a small ranch house that I put a new roof on in 2007 with new windows. Now I have icicles by end of winter 6 feet tall as my son likes to measure by his height. The house has had a couple additions, and as you walk thru the house the temp can change, by 10 degrees. Listening Sat morning I caught the tail end of conversation about insulation. I’ve been up in attic and seen at least two types of insulation. more

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