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Sump Pump Options During Power Outage

What options do I have for emptying the sump crock when the power goes out? 


Thank you for the inquiry.

Yours is a fairly standard, though very important, concern shared by a lot of people. What do I do for a stand-by sump pump in the case of a power outage?

Other than being home to bail the crock by hand you really have three choices.

One is to provide deep cycle battery back-up power to the pump. You could call Art at 734-502-5060 more

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Back-up Sump Pump

What type of back-up sump pumps are best?


Thank you for the great question.

Having a sump back-up is always a good idea.

We suggest that people should have an “ear” tuned to listening for their pump and checking it periodically, especially this time of year.

The type of back-up that uses “city” water are very dependable although they do use a fair amount of water when in operation. You might contact Art at 734-502-5060 and discuss this with him.

Even in a power outage more

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Sump Pump Problems

I am having repeated issues with a torpedo style sump pump I purchased. What to do?


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you listening!

Any sump pump that gives you repeated problems should be disposed of. There is simply too much riding on a pump’s dependability.

Purchase your new pump through a good plumbing company or plumbing supply company and be willing to pay a little more for a good one.

A cast iron, submersible is generally preferred. A couple more

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Sump Pump won’t shut off!

Name: George

City:Grose point

Question: What would make a sump pump run continuously? Yesterday, my son mentioned that his sump pump ran non-stop. It has not rained in the last few days I was wondering where the water was coming from. He lives in the Laser and 10 mile road area in Southfield.

The sump is in the floor, but the drain to the sewer is about half way up the basement wall. I thought this was odd because at my house more

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Name: Mary

City: Westland

Question: I caught the last few moments of your discussion on sump pumps. I think I need to know about your thoughts on this subject. We live in an attached condo, and our sump pump is the original: 14 years old. Should we be concerned?

Comments: Love the show! Keep it up…perfect balance of humor and spiritual affirmation. God bless both of you, your staff, and families. It about time there are building guys on the air that are trustworthy–a real lack in the more

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Name: Bonnie & Brian

City: Macomb Twp

Question: Hi Guys,

We returned from the Thanksgiving Holiday to find that our sump pump had failed. After the dry out company had cleanup/dry out well in hand, we found that there was also an area where the floor/wall joint was leaking. I found the two companies recommended on your website (Affordable Dry Basements, Basement Systems of Michigan) and called to get estimates. With all the rain we’ve had in the last week, you can imagine more

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Overactive Sump Pump

Name: Matt

City: Washington Twp

Question: Our new house (used B Aware for the inspection and a mold test, did a good job btw) is on basically the highest elevation in the neighborhood, but our basement gets a ridiculous amount of water in it still (the sump pump runs for a few seconds about once a minute, 24 hours a day). One of the contractors we had in said it’s the most wet he’s ever seen a basement, but there’s no standing water (though it does more

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Blocked Sump Line?

Name: Steve City: Washington, MI

Question: Hey guys – was wondering if you could help me out. I am having trouble with my sump line leading out of my crawl space. It appears to be frozen. The sump will fill up with water and the pump float will kick the pump on but the water will go down very slowly. The sump is located in the crawl space of my tri-level home. The line goes out through the wall of the crawl space and is probably about more

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