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Considering a Metal Roof


Thanks for the inquiry.

An average cost won’t help you much because the more important variables are slope of roof, area, offsets/valleys/protrusions, etc, prep work involved, roofing type, permitting, height/landscape provisions, etc.

As an example, range costs for metal roofing go from a low of $1.25 per square foot of surface to $11.00/SF.

But, you can know the metal roof typically is 1-1/2-2 times the cost of a “conventional” sloped roof application.

Having said that, this is a great time to negotiate specials and more

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20-year vs. 30-year Shingles

Is it worth the extra dollars to purchase a thirty year shingle vs a twenty year product?


Thank you for the inquiry and for the great comments – we appreciate both!

A “twenty-year” product properly specified and installed, should easily last twenty-plus years.

A “thirty-year” shingle is going to be heavier with more dimension and a different look – possibly enhancing the appearance of the home. Will it last longer? It should – again depending on the proper specification and installation.

It should be more

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Rolled Roofing


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Is there a roll roofing product/system that can last for decades on a roof without replacement?


Rolled roofing product is manufactured essentially the same way most shingle roofing product is made – the difference simply being a lack or visual ‘texture” on the roof since the roll material tends to lay flat in a single sheet compared to the individually applied shingles we are used to.

Shingles are meant for sloped roofs more

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Roofing & Seamless Gutters


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Glad to know you understand the importance of dealing with a professional you can trust.

The success of hiring someone to work on your home is so often dependent on what happens AFTER the job is completed – that’s why we like our Team Partners!

Call Pro Home Improvement – 888-PRO-1998 – for that new roof and remind them of the Inside Outside Guys special of new, seamless, gutters more

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Name: Johnanna

City: Trenton, Michigan

Question: I need a new roof (probably gutters also) and new driveway. Being on a fixed income I need help in getting the best deals possible. Can you recommend some good companies to contact?

Thank you.


Thank you for being part of the show.

Good for you for recognizing the need for a new roof – the house won’t survive without it!

Bob Knowles offers one of the best values in Residential Roofing and it includes as good a warranty as you will more

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