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Name: Julie City: Belleville

My husband is repairing a valley leak. He has removed the flashing and is replacing it. When the new roof was put on 18 years ago the flashing was not removed. His question is, does the ice guard go over the flashing or under the flashing?


Thank you for listening.

We always love seeing pics and knowing more about the projects we are asked about.

A valley in a roof is formed by intersecting slopes of the roof and a lot of water is channeled to more

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Name: Don City: Farmington, MI


We have a sun room with a flat rubber roof that was installed about 12 years ago. It leaks when it rains especially during a heavy rain. Can you recommend to us a good flat roofing expert? We’ve been burned in the past and don’t want to go through that again. The house is a colonial built in 1963 and the sun room is attached to the back of it adjacent to the family room more

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Name: Toure Lee

City: Birmingham

Question: For the Michigan climate, which energy star compliant roofing product is better–shingles or metal?


Thank you for listening and for your comments – we appreciate both!

For Michigan’s climate – either steel or “shingle” type product is appropriate assuming the right product is correctly applied to the roofing system.

The next question becomes budget, then life expectancy, then aesthetics.

Give Bob Knowles a call for some great “green” alternatives and a full range of roofing product options.

Please stay in touch and help us spread more

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Ice at the Roofline

Name: Arlene

Question: Do you know of a product that I can put between my roofline and eaves troughs to keep plugged in and prevent ice and snow buildup in this area? Due to the rain snow fall about one week ago I have ice near the edge of my roof with snow on top of it. I’m not about to climb up on the roof or get on a ladder at this time of year to clear it off, and I can’t throw anything more

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Name: Rosemarie

Question: A friend of mine, Nancy, suggested I contact you as you have helped her immensely and she greatly appreciates it!!

I had a new roof installed on my house a couple of months ago. I have a 3 bedroom brick ranch home with cathedral ceilings, there is no attic and not a lot of slant to my roof. When my roofer got up on my roof I was told that 43 sheets of plywood needed to be replaced as the more

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Name: Lori

Question: Could you give me the name of the product that you spray on your roof to get rid of mold/moss?

Comment: Love your show!!


Thanks for your kind words and your trust – we appreciate you!

A product called Wet & Forget, available in concentrate from local Hardware’s, it’s what we discussed on the broadcast.

No Power Washers on roofs!

You could also use a dilute solution of water and bleach, but the bleach may have other, negative, consequences.

A decades old solution to more

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Water stain on the wall

Question: I have a water stain on the inside of a bedroom wall that goes from ceiling to floor and is roughly 5″ wide. It is not moist feeling, but has a stain. I went into the attic to see where the water may be coming from and did not see a noticeable leak area. While in the attic a looked at the bottom of the roof plywood and noticed that several areas felt moist. The wall opposite of where more

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Question: I have a small ranch house that I put a new roof on in 2007 with new windows. Now I have icicles by end of winter 6 feet tall as my son likes to measure by his height. The house has had a couple additions, and as you walk thru the house the temp can change, by 10 degrees. Listening Sat morning I caught the tail end of conversation about insulation. I’ve been up in attic and seen at least two types of insulation. more

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Roof Trouble

My home was built in 1987 and from what I have learned about roofing systems was not adequately vented. My attic now has mold and the shingles (2 plies) need replacing. Do I have any recourse from the original builder or is there a statute of limitations on the original construction? It is going to cost $12,000 to $14,000 to replace the roof and repair the problem. What course should I follow?

- David


Thanks for listening – we do appreciate it.

After more


Bad Roofer

Customer Has Problem and Contractor Won’t Return Calls

I had a roof put on my home 8 years ago and the roofer told me it came with a 50 year warranty. I noticed last year that the ends of some shingles were starting to curl up. The original roofer came and inspected the roof. He told me that some of my vents were covered and I needed more insulation. He gave me an expensive quote for more insulation, but why would I use more

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