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Interior Work on Church

Can you offer guidance on completing interior work on a church, including setting pews and replacing carpeting?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate it!

Construction involving Houses of Worship is a specialized niche in the Building Industry. As with any segment of the Industry, practitioners tend to assemble groups of specialty sub-contractors they trust and rely on over the years to handle various parts of the construction.

Setting church pews properly and providing the trim detail needed do this professionally is more

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In a kitchen remodel should the new plumbing be installed before the new floor system?


Congrats on the project and thanks for a great question.

There is no issue as to which to do first – re-plumb or lay the new floor first – but for the sake of efficiency, the plumbing will likely come up through the bottom of the new sink base – meaning the new floor in that area will not be seen and therefore as a built-in tolerance more

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Can I Get an Estimate Before an Estimate?

Will a contractor to give us an idea of the cost for a small remodeling project?


Thank you for the great question – so many people are in the same situation.

Most quality contractors in our area can listen to you regarding your situation and take a look at your house to give you what we call a “range” estimate very quickly. This is not a bid, but an educated guess based on what you have shared with the contractor and what more

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Bathroom Remodeling


Thank you for your wonderful comments – we appreciate each and every word.

Remodeling back-to-back bathrooms IS a big project and one that requires careful planning and care.

You and hubby should have several discussions to determine what you desire as satisfactory outcomes for the project.

Take written notes. Try to determine ahead of time the finishes and fixture you would like in the finished baths.

Dream a “good, better, best” keeping in mind you have a limited budget. If you have to “give more

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Kitchen Remodel


Thank you for listening to the Inside Outside Guys. We appreciate you.

You are looking at having a Kitchen Remodel and Addition done to your home. Both should add value and pleasure to the living experience – but only if done well!

We are going to ask Tittle Brothers to give you a call about this. It sounds as though you have an extensive project that requires a full service professional.

Good planning and budgeting are critical to pulling this project off successfully more

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Need a good remodeling contractor

Name: Chris


City: Auburn Hills


Question: Looking for a contractor to build bookshelves, cabinets and perhaps a new fireplace mantle.

Also looking to add trim in finished basement and perhaps wainscoating.

Please forward a couple of recommended contractors.

Enjoy the show!

ps.  I live near The Palace


Comment: WMUZ




Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!


It can be tough to find a company that can do custom interior work to a “furniture grade” standard. Getting those one-of-a-kind built ins done well should add more


Remodeling Contractor Recommendation

Name: Jim Kern

City: Bloomfield Hills

Question: I am looking to redesign my kitchen and family room at the same time…the family room also has a bath that I would like to make bigger…any recommendations for designer’s?


Thanks for listening to the show.

One of the best values in home remodeling is a “One-stop” firm that can handle good design and the build out.

Italy American is such a company. They have access to years of valuable experience, talented trades, and product they know will deliver service more

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