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HELP! I need a copy of the residential code regarding headroom requirements for bathrooms in the basement.


Thank you for your question.

We are not certain as to the specific issue at hand, so we will try an educated guess.

The Michigan Residential Code, MRC, is a copyrighted material – we don’t know where you can “download” it for free. You may be able to view a copy at the public library or at a stocking book store.

The code enforcement officials in your city should more

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Remodeling a Bathroom


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

Every house needs a great bathroom or two – or even more!

Quality of life issues are certainly impacted by having nice, functional bathroom spaces where we can get away from the world and refresh.

The marketplace also places a high premium on good, well designed bathroom spaces, so your remodel project is a good one.

Too many people don’t work with a quality company on the design side of the project more

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Bathroom Remodeling


Thank you for your wonderful comments – we appreciate each and every word.

Remodeling back-to-back bathrooms IS a big project and one that requires careful planning and care.

You and hubby should have several discussions to determine what you desire as satisfactory outcomes for the project.

Take written notes. Try to determine ahead of time the finishes and fixture you would like in the finished baths.

Dream a “good, better, best” keeping in mind you have a limited budget. If you have to “give more

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Adding on to a Modular Home


Thank you for listening to the Inside Outside Guys. We appreciate you.

Can/should you add on to a modular home?

A modular home is simply a home essentially pre-built in a factory environment. A modular is built to the same building code used throughout the State.

A mobile home, on the other hand, is built to Department of Transportation, DOT, standards and is permanently mounted to a frame with axles and a hitch.

Mobile homes may be set on permanent foundations and have their more

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Sorting out Remodeling Costs

Name: Jeff

City: Rochester Hills

Question: We’d like to have our master bath remodeled and brought in a couple builders for estimates.  There was a $6K difference between the two to get everything we wanted (roughly 1/4 of the cost of the higher estimate).  There was a difference of $1K alone in the Euro shower.

One told us he’ll put in a mold-free cement base and line that involves 2 layers of cement with the liner in between.  The other tells us he more

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Floors, Floors, Floors

Name: Paula City: Northville, Mi.

Question: I live in a Manufactured Home (double wide trailer) and I want to put Laminate Floors in. Someone told me that they had Laminant floors in their Manufactured home and it warped. They don’t know if it was put down wrong or if these homes have to much moisture for these types of floors. I really want laminate floors because they are animal resistant. I have three dogs and they have nails and sometimes more

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Dry Wall Referral

Name: Janette

City: Plymouth

Question: We have a 3,000 home remodel where we tore off the top of our home and changed everything with a new first floor and 2nd story. We are ready for dry-wall and looking for referrals.

God bless, Janette and David Janette and David,

Thank you for being part of the show.

You have a major remodel that is framed in and is now ready for a pro to come in and finish it beautifully? We can’t help but wonder why the builder who more

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Name: Greg

City: New Baltimore

Question: Hello, My wife and I are thinking of remodeling our basement. We are interested in companies coming out and giving suggestions and pricing. Currently the walls and floor are just as when built except for one small room created in one corner of the basement. Which companies do you recommend we call?


Thank you for being part of the show.

A basement remodel is one of the top projects in this part of the country for adding value to a more

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Name: Martha

City: Macomb Question: We are ready to do some home improvements in our home…could you recommend a company that could tell me where to put the money first? I know we are going to do the kitchen; how do I know how much money to put into a remodel? I don’t want to over-invest if we won’t get a return. Thank you for your help. I really enjoy your show.


Thanks for listening – GREAT QUESTION!

The kitchen is always a good place to start. more

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Question: My husband and I are remodeling our kitchen by ourselves and are having trouble deciding on the type of countertop. He would like Granite, but I’ve heard they can give off radon. How can you determine whether this is true other than installing it and conducting an in house radon test? Any suggestions as to a good alternative that is healthy, yet stands up to three teenagers abuse.


Answer: Michelle,

Granite definitely has its draw backs – though we would not be more

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