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In a kitchen remodel should the new plumbing be installed before the new floor system?


Congrats on the project and thanks for a great question.

There is no issue as to which to do first – re-plumb or lay the new floor first – but for the sake of efficiency, the plumbing will likely come up through the bottom of the new sink base – meaning the new floor in that area will not be seen and therefore as a built-in tolerance more

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Hot Water Shut Off

The hot water in our tub will not shut off.


Thank you for the inquiry. We appreciate you.

Water valves, like most everything in the house, require periodic maintenance and repair. Depending on the frequency and type of use and water quality, this can mean every decade or other year.

Every home should have a working relationship with a good plumbing company – for these issues and all the other “water” issues that may arise in a home. Call Pete at RooterMD 248-888-7777 more

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Old Leaky Valves


Thanks for listening – we appreciate you.

We always say the worst thing in a house to try to work on is old plumbing – where one thing ALWAYS leads to another.

Sometimes a leaking valve can benefit from a slight tightening – but be careful because some old pipes and valves might be a little brittle and break on you.

It could be the valve seat is bad or simply covered with minerals, so a couple “off-on” cycles may help as well.

No more

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Quality Water Heater

Can you suggest a good quality water heater?


Thank you for your kind words and congratulations on the money saving repair!

What is the “best” water heater? There are many good units available and most can be had from a good plumbing company. You want a unit that is insulated and has a quick enough recovery to handle your use demands.

Also keep in that water quality has a major impact on the life of water heaters.

This is not a typical DIY project more

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Dishwasher Drip


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

A drip in the basement from the water supply line to the dishwasher could be a big problem over time if left unchecked.

Plumbers are the typical installers of any water using appliance and the first we would call to repair a water or drain issue.

Call RooterMD at 248-888-7777 for expert plumbing service. RooterNMD is one company that can handle every “water” need you have in your home – whether to more

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Replacing a Garbage Disposal


Thank you for listening to the Inside Outside Guys and for being a part of the show.

You are shopping for a new garbage disposal…as you shop you will see a broad range of price and wonder why?

The disposal is basically an electric motor with grinder blades attached to the “working end”. But the quality of the motor itself, the blades and the housing that cases the unit all affect the length and quality of service you will get from the more

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Bathroom Leaks


Thank you for the kind words – we really appreciate your trust.

You have had to shut off the water in your upstairs bath due to leaks that are damaging your ceiling and wall finishes.

It sounds as though you need the services of a good plumber. You should not have to forgoe baths and showers for the sake of leaks that are ruining your home.

Is it “simply” a washer or valve stem – or something else entirely? You can’t afford to more

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Name: Thomas

City: Oxford Twp

Question: Got a small leak on second story bathroom tub leaking through the first floor ceiling. Do plumbers do dry wall repairs as well, because there is no accesses panels?

Thank You, Tom


Thank you for being part of the show.

Leaks in bathrooms are a lot like streaks of bad weather – it’s not IF you are going to get them – it’s WHEN.

A lot of good plumbing companies can cure the system side of a plumbing problem- but do not more

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