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Help with Hard Water

Help! I have hard water.


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

Hard water can destroy plumbing fittings and appliances.

There is a myth that all treated and softened water has to “feel” as though you can’t rinse it and a lot of people don’t like it for that reason.

But the truth is that something has to be sacrificed in order to maintain the home’s appliances and mines, so filtering and conditioning the water before it gets in to the house more

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Quality Water Heater

Can you suggest a good quality water heater?


Thank you for your kind words and congratulations on the money saving repair!

What is the “best” water heater? There are many good units available and most can be had from a good plumbing company. You want a unit that is insulated and has a quick enough recovery to handle your use demands.

Also keep in that water quality has a major impact on the life of water heaters.

This is not a typical DIY project more

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Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

Is it a good idea to replace old galvanized plumbing water supply pipes with newer copper pipes?

It really depends on the condition of your existing pipes and water system.

In most cases, older water lines have an accumulation of minerals on them that restricts flow to your fixtures. You may have noticed you don’t seem to get as much water coming out of the shower head – or the toilets more

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Sump Pump won’t shut off!

Name: George

City:Grose point

Question: What would make a sump pump run continuously? Yesterday, my son mentioned that his sump pump ran non-stop. It has not rained in the last few days I was wondering where the water was coming from. He lives in the Laser and 10 mile road area in Southfield.

The sump is in the floor, but the drain to the sewer is about half way up the basement wall. I thought this was odd because at my house more

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Kitchen Dispose-All Repair

Name: Kim

City: westland

Question: Me again! How do i replace the rubber protector part in my kitchen drain/sink? It is the black, rubber guard that covers the drain and protects from food flying out when you turn on the garbage disposal. It is a Sears Kenmore Disposer. Is this part of the disposer or the stainless steal sink? Hope that makes sense! Still love you guys! =) Kim Kim,

Thank you for your great loyalty – we do appreciate you!

That piece at the top more

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Name: Todd City: Roseville

Question: We had Cemcare come out (thank you for the referral) and we have to remove a toilet and some flooring from our bathroom. When we took the toilet out the flange that comes up from the pipe looked really corroded. I was able to clean it off, but it’s raised from the floor and I am concerned that there could be a leaking issue even after the wax ring is re-installed. Any thoughts on how to effectively more


Name: Daniel City: Grosse Pointe

Question: My hot water copper pipe in my basement shocks, both plumber and electricians. Both are unable to locate the problem! -Daniel

Answer: Daniel,

Thanks for listening – we appreciate it!

You have a copper pipe in the house that is shocking! As you know, copper is great conductor for electricity. Many older houses have the copper water lines serving as the “ground” for the electrical system. Additionally, many older homes did not have a separate grounding “leg” in the system more

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Name: Jean

Question: Sorry to bother you again but when I was worried about costs I wanted to send you this bill I received from a plumber to fix my toilet. The part was about $10.00. I have to hire out everything I get fixed and I just wanted to know what is reasonable. Here is a bill from 2006 when I got my toilet fixed. I just thought this was a bit high.

Thanks for listening Jean

Answer: Jean,

Thanks for forwarding that invoice*. You more

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