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Critters Not Welcome!

We hear what we think is critters in the ceiling. How important is it for us to remove them?


Thank you for the inquiry.

The cold weather has sent a lot of critters in to people’s homes to survive. Unfortunately, once they get inside they tend to contaminate the area and multiply. Critters in the attic can cause major damage to the wiring, plumbing, and structure and become become carriers for diseases.

It is considered wise to get them out as soon as possible! more

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Getting Rid of Carpenter Bees


We knew SOMEONE was listening that day – now we know it was you, kind of…..

Carpenter bees are already mated for the season (May and June) and the female is filling those nests in your siding with larvae that will hatch sometime in August. They look very much like a Bumble Bee.

You see a little round (about 1/2″ diameter) hole in the siding, but the tunnel it leads to could be a few inches or even several feet long.

If you more

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Name: Carol

City: Livonia Question: the wood trim on our addition’s half-sphere window has begun to rot and for the last 6 years has been drilled into by carpenter bees. Last summer, the woodpeckers got into the act and now we need to replace much of the wood trim around the window and other areas. The addition is sided in vinyl and trimmed in wood, then painted. Could you recommend someone for this work, and would you use vinyl or hardy plank trim for the job?

Thanks more

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Name: David

City: Riverview

Question: I just bought a foreclosed house. The house is 2700 sq feet with two floors, all wood exterior. I have done a lot of work myself but as my wife says you can’t do it all even if you think you can. So I was hoping you could help me find some good (but not so good I can’t afford it) help. The house needs to be painted inside and out. I have done the inside but need to get someone more

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Name: Christine City: Harrison Twp.

Question: I am looking for a qualified professional to fix the outside of my house. (Exterior installation otherwise known as driv-it.) Woodpeckers have made many holes all over the house and some areas by the garage need repairs as well. Can you recommend anyone who is a qualified professional in exterior installation to fix these areas? (I do have the materials necessary for the repairs. I just need a laborer.)

Your help is very much appreciated.


Thanks for listening – we appreciate you!

If you more

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Name: Lori City: Dearborn Heights Question: My mother-in-law put in a new hot water heater about a year ago. Ever since then she has found little piles of saw dust near one of her basement windows. She listens to your show and asked me to look up on your site for a diagnosis and treatment and or a referral. She assumes that it is carpenter ants or termites. I was unable to find anything. Can you help? Thank you for your response.


Thank you for listening – we more

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