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Pole Barn House

We are thinking of putting up a pole barn house. What are your thoughts? 


You are considering building your new home using “pole-barn” or post and beam framing.

Post frame buildings have been around for centuries – though few homes are built in the US using wood post frame. Most old barns you’ve seen are post frame – as are a lot of commercial buildings.

The primary reason you might consider this style is the savings on the foundations since you are not more

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The New Superior Wall Foundation System

I’m in the planning stages of building a new home. What can you tell me about the Superior Wall Foundation System?


Thanks for a great question.

What is known as the “Superior Wall Foundation System” is a great product for new homes. It is a pre-cast concrete wall set on a stone footing and backfilled with well-drained material.

The concrete is a high-cement mix that provides excellent strength and resistance to water/moisture infiltration.

The wall panels are precast off-site and assembled on site such more

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