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Seeing Spots – Mold???

I see black spots on my drywall – is it mold?


Thank you for the question – a great one a lot of people deal with.

The “black” you are seeing could be indications of past mold issues  – especially if the material appears dried and more flaky vs damp and “punky”.

It may be that a prior owner tried to cover it up without proper prior preparation – including use of a good KILZ primer or similar product.

If the area is still more

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Kitchen Mold

Something in our house is contributing to mold growing in our kitchen.


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

Mold needs warmth, food, oxygen and moisture to thrive.

In most cases we cannot effectively eliminate the first three in a house, so we try to minimize the moisture and relative humidity.

You did not indicate where in the kitchen the mold appears. Location might be indicative of cause.

If your home is a slab-on-grade, it is entirely possible with the amount of rain more

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Mold Growth on Exterior Wall

Getting mold growth at the base of a cold exterior wall.


Thanks for a great question.

Undoubtedly you are dealing with a situation where air is moving (escaping and infiltrating) through a thermal bridge in the wall. There is a gap under the the wall itself and heat will move through it – in larger quantities when the temperature difference between inside and out is greater.

This leaves the moisture that was in the warmed, inside, air condensed on or even in the drywall more

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Moisture Control in a Closet

I have condensation on my closet wall. What can I do?


Thanks for your great comments and for listening to our show!

That closet wall is a VERY cold wall in a room (the closet) with no circulation, yet some humidity. As with a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, the humidity in the closet will condensate on the coolest part of the room – in this case the lower outside wall.

The easiest solution is to leave the closet more

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Tested Positive for Black Mold

We have had a positive test for Black Mold. Who can we get to re-mediate this?


Thank you for listening – we appreciate you!

There are many different types of molds and many different types of black molds. Some are toxic to humans while others are far less so. The black mold everyone fears is Stachybotris Charterum.

If your tests did not identify a specific toxic type, you have a little less to worry about regarding your health.

Molds need oxygen, food, warmth and more

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Drying Out After a Leak


Thank you for trusting the Inside Outside Guys – we appreciate your trust!!!!

Water that sits on an interior floor for any extended length of time – in your case a week – will seek every lower spot to run to and build up.

The concern you have on that tile floor is not so much the tile, but the wood substrate below it and the bottom of the wall frame around it.

The bottom of the surrounding wall  frame can hold a more

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Home Inspection Before Purchase

Name: Cathy

City: Rochester Hills

Question: Does an FHA home inspection detect black mold issues? What is best way to check before purchasing a home?



Cathy, Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

An FHA inspector is generally not looking specifically for molds. They may discover a water intrusion or leak issue that has resulted in the presence of molds.

You really need to hire a professional home inspector and make it clear (in writing) that is one of the objectives of more

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Moldy Bathroom!

Name: John

City: white lake

Question: I need to know who to contact about possible mold. I’ve just encountered while tearing up discolored linoleum in bathroom and found floor wet and rotting from toilet leak along with a musty odor and black substance. I’ve immediately stopped but need help soon as possible only having 1 bathroom.

please help

thank u so much



Comment: wmuz the light



Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate it!

It does sound as though you may have encountered more

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Musty Smelling Bathroom

Name: Anthony City: Troy

Question: I bought a house that was a flip about 2 1/2 years ago. He put in a new bathroom The problem I’m having is the smell. It’s either a musty smell or something else that I can’t get rid of. I would like to clean the grout and reseal it before I re-grout the entire wall around the tub. The grout that was used it a coarse or gritty type almost has a texture of sand. more

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Name: Jacob

Question: Guys, A friend of mine is in a really tough spot and they are lost. It sounds to me like they are being taken for a ride and wonder if you guys can lend some help.

They bought a house in Oxford maybe just over a year ago. Had inspection, etc. Decent, but needed work (like most homes do). Maybe six months ago, the roof sprung a leak (though they didn’t realize). When they found it a few months more

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