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Metal Roofing

Our leaking roof needs to be replaced – should we replace it with a metal roof?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate your trust.

A “small leak around the chimney” is an all too common issue with homes today as many owners who opted for a bargain roofing company realized the roofer did not have the skills or expertise to properly protect the home.

We need to understand that a roof should have the fewest penetrations possible to accommodate the home more

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Flat Copper Roof Repair

We need to repair a flat copper roof that leaks. 


Thank you for the inquiry.

A flat roof in Michigan is always a candidate for periodic leaks. And a metal flat roof is even more so and the reason most contractors do not want to try to repair is because it is so difficult to determine where the leak came from and exactly how to properly repair it. Additionally, once they have worked on such a repair they often get caught up more

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Musty Smell & Leaks…a Combination of Problems


Thank you for listening to the Inside Outside Guys. We appreciate you.

Do not apologize for being a little afraid when dealing with contractors! A lot of contractors – even those with good intentions – may not understand the “systems approach” of houses and housing.

You are right that a ”musty” smell indicates the presence of moisture/active water. You are also proved right to be using a de-humidifier – as evidenced by the constant need to empty it!

You had your roof re-done – more

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Name: Jacob

Question: Guys, A friend of mine is in a really tough spot and they are lost. It sounds to me like they are being taken for a ride and wonder if you guys can lend some help.

They bought a house in Oxford maybe just over a year ago. Had inspection, etc. Decent, but needed work (like most homes do). Maybe six months ago, the roof sprung a leak (though they didn’t realize). When they found it a few months more

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Rogue & Leaking Roof

Name: Earl

City: Sterling Heights

Question: I have two ?s  Please

1. Why does a toilet flush twice? I have two bathrooms and it’s the half bath that does that

2. I have a ranch type home I’ve been here 25 yrs. This past year we had a new roof. A few weeks ago when we had all that rain the north west corner bedroom had water spots on the ceiling where the wall meets the ceiling it also feels very cold there we more

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