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Rain, Rain, Makes for a Leaky Basement

We have a few cracks in our poured concrete basement walls and our every time it rains our basement leaks.


Thank you.

A lot of people – too many by our count – experience leaky basements – including those that are periodic or episodic depending on rain or snow melt conditions.

We are always so leery of foundation repairs because so many factors can influence a good solution.

Cracks in poured concrete walls – while not desirable – are all too common and generally not more

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Drying Out After a Leak


Thank you for trusting the Inside Outside Guys – we appreciate your trust!!!!

Water that sits on an interior floor for any extended length of time – in your case a week – will seek every lower spot to run to and build up.

The concern you have on that tile floor is not so much the tile, but the wood substrate below it and the bottom of the wall frame around it.

The bottom of the surrounding wall  frame can hold a more

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I had my basement repaired and now am concerned about potential leaks.


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

It sounds as though the company you hired did everything as they should.

You are getting some signs of moisture in one spot at the base of the wall.

While this is not something we would hope for, this year has been out of the ordinary and a periodic bit of moisture – rather than active water – is not unexpected.

We more

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Musty Smell & Leaks…a Combination of Problems


Thank you for listening to the Inside Outside Guys. We appreciate you.

Do not apologize for being a little afraid when dealing with contractors! A lot of contractors – even those with good intentions – may not understand the “systems approach” of houses and housing.

You are right that a ”musty” smell indicates the presence of moisture/active water. You are also proved right to be using a de-humidifier – as evidenced by the constant need to empty it!

You had your roof re-done – more

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Wet, Leaky Basement

Name: Judy

City: Plymouth

Question: Morning Guys!

Today’s question is probably one of many people right now with this rain!  We have a tri-level, built in 1958.  This morning we woke up to water in the lower level bathroom and the family room carpet is saturated along the wall.  We feel that the water comes down the wall from the outside and into the house…..or……where the bricks meet the siding on the side of the house.  We have had issues with this before, more

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Leaky Basement

Name: Joseph

City: Dearborn

Comments: Hi Guy’s i contacted you on your radio show about basement leaks. I had a company dig all the way down replace drain tile patch where needed and back fill with pea gravel up to 2ft from the surface and i filled the rest with black dirt for landscaping. This all happened about 20 to 25 yrs ago. I have since finished my basement and haven’t had any water until this year just recently. Now with finished more


Name: Joseph


City: Dearborn


Question: What kind of sealer would you use for a bare block wall to stop water from coming through?


Comment: Heard you on WMUZ on Saturday and Sunday mornings and also met you at the Home Show.




Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!


A block masonry wall basement that has some seapage – not at all unusual.


The problem is that a lot of these basements were not surrounded by a good perimeter drain system to more

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Name: Dave Rzucidlo


City: Trenton, Mi


Question: I have a two-fold question regarding my Mom’s house. Here are the particulars involved: the house is a brick bungalow built about 1953 (Allen Park) with a finished basement (poured concrete

walls). During hard rains from the north/north-east, there is water present coming from the north wall in the basement. We haven’t been able to determine exactly where on the north basement wall that the crack is; it seems my dad built the now-suspected area to more

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Name: Steve

City: Livonia

Question: Hi, We have had water seepage in our basement when it rains very hard but normal rain hasn’t been a problem yet. This started about 3 or 4 years ago and has happened about 3 or 4 times. We have lived here for about 28 yrs with no other issues.

The water seems to only be entering from where the floor meets the wall and there are about 10 different entry points around the basement where the water seeps more


Leaky Basement

Name: Paul Burke

City: Rochester Hills

Question: I have random water leaks into my basement from primarily one wall. The water leaks into the basement from the joint between the footing, up the block wall and where the floor is poured. The open joint at the wall. How can I stop this. Also if this is stopped may the leak go to another wall and then enter the same way there? Unrelated my chimney vents are cracking at the top, the block is gradually more

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