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Sprinkler Maintenance

Who do the Inside Outside Guys suggest for sprinkler maintenance and service?


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Sprinkler systems are finicky and have been developed and sold by a lot of different firms. Many have been DIY projects that beg for problems.

We have a found a local landscape firm is typically your best bet for affordable servicing and repair. The same firm should ‘winterize” the system in the fall and “open” the system in the spring.

The Monroe County Home Builders more

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Who in my area can advise me on plant selection for a landscape project?


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If you have someone to do the work, but have not yet purchased plants, contact a reputable nursery in your area. They know their plants better than anyone.

If you take your design in to them with details of how the house and yard is oriented and what your goals and objectives are with the finished project, they will offer valuable more

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Backyard Mess


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You had a lot of “junk” trees removed from the back yard – but now that portion of the property is a weed choked mess!

A professional can come in and make it beautiful for you. They may begin by safely killing off the existing vegetation, then regrading, providing nutrients for the soil and replanting ground cover.

You could have a new lawn there by mid-fall.

This may also be a good time to more

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