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Musty Smell in my House

My ranch home has a musty smell throughout.


Thank you for being a part of the show and for a very timely question – one that a lot of people have right now. You have a musty smell in the home but no indication of any active leak or water source…

“Musty Smells” indicate a higher concentration of mold spores in the air.

Molds require oxygen, food, proper temperature and moisture to proliferate. Since houses by their nature supply the first three, we more

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What Causes Ghosting on Walls?

I am experiencing “ghosting” on our interior walls. What could be causing this?


The ghosting issue is likely caused by combination of issues.

Usually un-combusted matter from candles, gas stoves, etc. deposits on the juncture of exterior walls and ceilings – where heat is lost at an accelerated rate. The issue can be minimized by having quality sidewall air sealing and insulation in both the sidewalls and attic properly done.

Humidity control can also be a part of the issue/solution.

It is also possible more

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