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Recently my wife and I were fortunate enough to find a great deal on a summer cottage in Northern Michigan. We purchased the cottage in the month of September. It was pretty obvious that the children of the previous owner didn’t care about the property because of the neglect. The owner was elderly and could not make it up to the cabin. The children and grand children didn’t make the financial investment, so unfortunately they didn’t care.

Our first more

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Question: Hi. Great show. We have a house from the 70′s that needs new windows. Who is the best?


Tim and Tracie,

Thanks for listening – we really appreciate it.

Today there are many good windows on the market – mostly differentiated by features, options, warranty, etc.

I would ask if they are for your primary residence and what your priorities are with regard to them – inside stain, UV protection, re-sale value, etc.

Several Team Partners offer very good products – with one of more

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Home Heating Help

Question: We have a multi-level home that was custom built by the original homeowner in 1973. We love the home, but our bedroom is 8 degrees cooler than the adjoining family room. This level is built over a crawl space which we had insulated this year. We also replaced the door walls to both of these rooms a few months ago. The bedroom is still very cold. Any ideas of who to call to check into this? The room is more

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Mouse in the House

Why do I have so many mice around my home and how can I get rid of them? Tammy, Milan

We hate to be so blunt Tammy, but mice only live where there’s a good food source and places to nest. What you really need to do is deep clean, vacuum and wipe down places like cupboards and food pantries.

Once the deep cleaning is done get some peppermint plants and some peppermint oil. Mice and all other rodents hate peppermint. We more


Is it Best to Hire a Christian Contractor?

When looking for a contractor to work on your home, is it important that you try to hire a Christian company?

Trying to find the right company to work on your home can be a tiresome and scary task. You’re going to be exposing your home and family to people you don’t know for a couple of days for a small project up to a few months or longer for a larger project (like more

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