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How To Properly Maintain Door Locks

Door locks are an essential part of home security, and as such, they are a component that should not be overlooked by homeowners. Locks, such as latch bolts and deadbolts, sometimes add an aesthetic appeal to homes, but they also increase home security.


This is not an easy task to live up to, so it is important for door locks to be durable and strong. This strength is measured against how well they stand up against the test of time as more

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Best Type of Locks for Security

What are the best type of deadbolts?


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The truth regarding a lot of “security” locksets is that they really are no more secure than the door/door frame they are anchored to.

A really well-installed deadbolt and some good slide bolts – or even a door with multiple bolts running in to the frame – will provide good additional security to any standard lockset.

Slide bolts that help anchor the door into the floor at the bottom more

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Home Security

Name: Nancy

City: Howell

Question: Regarding home security – I heard your show today about home security and we are trying to find the device you spoke of about the fake TV lighting. Do you have a brand name or where it can be purchased? Also interested in the single timer that can be set to turn on at different times every day i.e 5:00 a.m. Monday, 4:30 am Tuesday, etc.



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The “Home Security” segment we more

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