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Brrr!! Help Me Keep the Cold Out!

Is there anything that I can put around my gas water heater, to keep the cold out of my bathroom? The bathroom floor is finished with tiles, but nothing under the heater, and the cold comes up from the crawlspace!


That cold floor is the result of heat moving downward through the floor to try to heat your crawl space! Chances are good that you can’t “lose” enough heat to accomplish this because the crawl is not insulated AND likely has more

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Insulation Issues

Can there be “issues” installing attic insulation over contaminated materials, using product incorrectly, or blocking needed attic ventilation?


Thank you for a great question – we appreciate the thought and research you have invested.


This article you attached about another person’s bad experience reminds us of why it is so important to deal with professionals like Ace and Sons Insulation – 800-500-4223.

If you speak with Bill Creed at Ace about these concerns you will discover that the people at Ace and Sons more

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Is brick a better insulator than wood or vinyl?

Brick is NOT a good thermal insulator and as a rule, neither is vinyl. Some vinyl products, constructed with sealed air chambers in the cross section, can be decent thermal insulators.

Wood, as compared to either of them is good thermal insulator.

What we mean when we call something a thermal insulator is that it resists the transfer of heat through it.

When we use the term “seasonally comfortable” to explain a home or building, more

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Adding Comfort to Your Home Through Insulation

What would it take to add insulation and make my home comfortable?


Great question. After this summer’s intense heat and a lot of high bills for air conditioning, many homeowners are realizing proper insulation in the attic AND side-walls will make a difference!

A “typical” attic simply requiring an additional 10″ or so of insulation may run $1,200-1,500 for a good cellulose product. This does not include any potentially needed air sealing or vent reconfiguration or removal of old, potentially contaminated, insulation more

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Sound-deadening Insulation Ideas

I need to insulate and sound deaden the space above my fireplace. What are your recommendations?


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

We would be curious to know if that space is a “bump-out” that extends beyond the exterior vertical face  of the wall – it sounds as though it might be. We would also be curious as to how the bump-out is constructed to better provide ideas for what you might do.

Without rebuilding it structurally, the work you suggest more

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Insulation for an Older Home

I need insulation for my older home.


Thanks for listening to the show – we appreciate you.

Interestingly enough, about 90% of homeowners in the US share your need for good insulation. Most simply have not yet recognized it as you have.

But, insulation today is as much science as it is know-how, so a company that understands the science and the practical aspects is critical.

One example we saw recently of what NOT to do was a home that had insulation installed through more

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Adding Insulation from the Outside

Can I have sidewall insulation installed without them doing it from inside?


Thanks for being part of the show and for the great inquiry.

Properly specified and installed sidewall insulation is a great investment that will pay back year-round for as long as the home stands. And YES! it can be done from the outside.

Adding insulation to the sidewalls of your brick or sided home will help keep your house more comfortable year round by keeping it cooler in the summer and more

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Two Areas of Expertise?

Can a great duct cleaning company also provide professionally installed attic insulation?


Thank you for the inquiry and the trust – we appreciate both!

We rarely hear from a listener concerned about a price that is too low!

Amistee does great work – as you know. They are well trained and manage the business and service end of the business with great care.

What a lot of our listeners do not know about them is that they also install attic insulation. They have run more

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Mold Growth on Exterior Wall

Getting mold growth at the base of a cold exterior wall.


Thanks for a great question.

Undoubtedly you are dealing with a situation where air is moving (escaping and infiltrating) through a thermal bridge in the wall. There is a gap under the the wall itself and heat will move through it – in larger quantities when the temperature difference between inside and out is greater.

This leaves the moisture that was in the warmed, inside, air condensed on or even in the drywall more

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We need our home insulated and sided. We trust your referral – can you help?


Thank you for listening to the Guys – we appreciate you!

Properly installed quality insulation is still one of the best true investments you can make in your home.

You can trust Ace and Sons Insulation – 888-500-4223 – to use a good product and perform a quality install that does not deface your home as some amateurs might.

For the siding, call Pro-Home Improvement at 888-pro-1998. They have more

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