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To Buy or Not to Buy…

We’re looking to purchase a home. The sewer inspector was there only a few minutes when he indicated that the sewer pipe had collapsed. Is this a problem that can be fixed and do you think we should negotiate with the sellers to have them fix the problem or walk away from the sale? 


Thank you for the great question.

A sewer pipe collapse was diagnosed by an expert in only a couple minutes. Not sure how a total sewer collapse was more

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We’re thinking of buying a log cabin – what should be considered?


Thank you for the great comments – we appreciate you.

Like any home, a log cabin needs to have a good foundation and a good roof.

Log cabins are unique in terms of how they “load” the exterior weight-bearing walls, so care must be taken to make certain the builder did things properly so you won’t have windows and doors that jamb or crack or interior partitions with stress cracks in more

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Check Out the Well & Septic System


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You put in an offer on an existing home and now decided you should have the well and septic system looked at.

We would have hoped you would have made your original offer contingent upon the water well and on-site sewage disposal system being in good order. Either of these can be a large ticket item if not in good shape.

The septic system needs to have a properly sized tank and leach field – more

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Home Inspection Before Purchase

Name: Cathy

City: Rochester Hills

Question: Does an FHA home inspection detect black mold issues? What is best way to check before purchasing a home?



Cathy, Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

An FHA inspector is generally not looking specifically for molds. They may discover a water intrusion or leak issue that has resulted in the presence of molds.

You really need to hire a professional home inspector and make it clear (in writing) that is one of the objectives of more

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Home Inspection for upkeep

Name: Sonia

City: Warren, MI

Question: My husband and I bought a house in 2006.  He’s not the most handy person, but I want to make sure the house is maintained properly. Do you guys know a trustworthy person that could help us inspect the house periodically and help us identify/fix things that need to be corrected, updated, or simply maintained?  I only know of the obvious A/C and furnace maintenance and sprinkler winterization.  However, I’m concerned about potential issues of which more

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Name: Nina


My husband and I have put an offer on a home in downtown Rochester. The home has been vacant for 4 years and was built in 1919. I’m sure the home has many issues and I feel that we need the best home inspector possible. Do you suggest we have more than one inspection and could you suggest a very good inspector in the area?

Thank you and God Bless,


A single good inspection should suffice. You should attend the inspection and ask questions and more


The SPRING WALK-A-ROUND with the Inside Outside Guys

OUTSIDE – Walk slowly around your house - twice - once up close and a second time from the borders. Look at details such as worn siding, windows, concrete, porches, sidewalks, gutters. As you step back for the second look observe shrubs, the roof and roof line, chimneys, shutters, trees more
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