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Is it possible to hire a contractor to install products and materials I previously purchased?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

You are looking for a professional that will work with you to install product and materials you purchased.

We certainly understand why a homeowner would try to safe money by purchasing their own supplies, but the truth is they often spend more because professional contractors can usually buy better quality for less money. Those same contractors also tend to more

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Installing Shingles in Cold Weather

Should we install shingles in cold weather?


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Installing standard roofing products in colder weather is not an issue if a professional is doing the work.

There might be issues if an amateur was doing it – proper fasteners and applied pressure with air guns as the shingles become more brittle is one potential issue.

A plus for a Pro is that there should be less “scarring” from the shingles being walked on more

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Painting over Drywall


Thank you for listening – we appreciate you!

You repaired some holes in the drywall and now the repainted areas are “shiny” and don’t blend in with the surrounding wall.

Assuming the paint itself is the correct (same) color and finish (gloss/satin, etc), the solution is fairly simple.

When you have a subtle paint texture on the surrounding walls, instead of dry sanding those repairs use a damp sponge to “wet” sand the repairs.

This actually allows you to create a light – or more

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Exterior Painting


Thank you for listening to the show – we appreciate you.

It sounds as though you have a busy summer getting a new roof and exterior painting to spruce up the home.

Call Kim Mendelsohn 517-745-0360 to get an idea of what is involved in painting that old aluminum siding.

Preparation is everything with regard to coating these old surfaces – and then applying the correct product so that you are not re-doing it in a couple years.

Please stay in touch and tell more

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