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Professionally-made Gutters & Downspouts


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You need professionally made and installed gutters and downspouts designed to carry all that water away from your home – and you require someone who can “wrap” your overhangs with a maintenance-free product so you can be worry free from here on in.

Call Pro-Home Improvement and speak with Tim at 248-556-5839 or 888-PRO-1998. They are the Exterior Experts with great products and trained more

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Exterior Painting


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It sounds as though you have a busy summer getting a new roof and exterior painting to spruce up the home.

Call Kim Mendelsohn 517-745-0360 to get an idea of what is involved in painting that old aluminum siding.

Preparation is everything with regard to coating these old surfaces – and then applying the correct product so that you are not re-doing it in a couple years.

Please stay in touch and tell more

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Name: Julie City: Belleville

My husband is repairing a valley leak. He has removed the flashing and is replacing it. When the new roof was put on 18 years ago the flashing was not removed. His question is, does the ice guard go over the flashing or under the flashing?


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We always love seeing pics and knowing more about the projects we are asked about.

A valley in a roof is formed by intersecting slopes of the roof and a lot of water is channeled to more

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Mortar Repair

Name: Jody

City: Westland

Question: My home was built in 1958, brick most everywhere. The mortar is looking bad and starting to fall in many places. One side that has an addition looks like it is several different colors. Who would be best to give me an estimate on repairs, benefits and what needs to be done? A contractor from a glass block company said I should just Thompson water seal it?


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Sealing it will not prevent or cure the damage more

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Name: Christine City: Harrison Twp.

Question: I am looking for a qualified professional to fix the outside of my house. (Exterior installation otherwise known as driv-it.) Woodpeckers have made many holes all over the house and some areas by the garage need repairs as well. Can you recommend anyone who is a qualified professional in exterior installation to fix these areas? (I do have the materials necessary for the repairs. I just need a laborer.)

Your help is very much appreciated.


Thanks for listening – we appreciate you!

If you more

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