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Effects of the Cold on Your Home

What does this bitter cold do to your home? 


Thanks for a great question – we appreciate you.

Can this bitter cold have adverse effects on your home? Yes….but…..

If you are keeping the home heated and you have a slab-on-grade home or basement, you are not likely to experience a lot of serious negative effects.

Natural, though unwanted, heat loss will generally protect your home.

The biggest culprit to creating damage is freezing components – freezing footings and foundations, water and sewer pipes, framing more

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Name: Don City: Farmington, MI


We have a sun room with a flat rubber roof that was installed about 12 years ago. It leaks when it rains especially during a heavy rain. Can you recommend to us a good flat roofing expert? We’ve been burned in the past and don’t want to go through that again. The house is a colonial built in 1963 and the sun room is attached to the back of it adjacent to the family room more

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Cold Air Leaks

Name: Martin & Angelena

Comments: I need some help to keep the cold air leaks from flowing in our home. Can you please help with some advice or a reference for a quality contractor who can help?

Thank you

Martin and Angelina,

Thank you for listening and for your trust in us.

Those cold air leaks can not only run up your energy bill and make the home uncomfortable – They can also deposit condensed moisture in the walls and lead to mold growth!

Call Charlie at more

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Heating the Home

Heating the Home

Question: What is a good alternate heat source. We are on propane. Our house is about 3500 sqft. I have heard that a coal type of furnace, added in the wall is a good choice. We also have a see through fireplace in the kitchen/living room. Who could I call to get some good options?



I feel your pain Kevin,

I am in the same boat you are. I spent $3500.00 in 2007 on propane to keep my more

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Not All Home Repairs are “Do it Yourself!”

I respect a man who can do projects around the house himself. You know the type – if he has a roof leak, he rolls up his sleeves, breaks out a ladder and gets busy. Re-tile the bathroom? Piece of cake! Change a door handle? No problem! Some guys can do almost anything, from rewiring the entire house to putting in a new hot water heater.

What about me, you ask? If I had more

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