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Is it possible to hire a contractor to install products and materials I previously purchased?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

You are looking for a professional that will work with you to install product and materials you purchased.

We certainly understand why a homeowner would try to safe money by purchasing their own supplies, but the truth is they often spend more because professional contractors can usually buy better quality for less money. Those same contractors also tend to more

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I’ve checked their credentials, but how can I know I am hiring the right company? 


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate your concerns.

You have done well getting a copy of the license and insurance – you can easily verify that both are legitimate and current with a couple of phone calls and a visit to – the State of Michigan web site.

Both documents should have a business address on them and the address should be the same on both.

Both more

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Hiring a Builder – What You Need to Know

Our daughter is purchasing land and hiring a builder. What should she be thinking about?


Thank you for a great question.

There are sooo very many things we would suggest when purchasing land and hiring a contractor.

You can access from our web site a short sheet on “How to Hire a Contractor”.

The land purchase should involve a good Realtor and a good Title company to cover all the bases legally and assure clear title without unknown encumbrances such as liens, right-of-way issues, deed more

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