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Name: Israel City: South Lyon

Question: Hello. Would you know of any reputable firms that handle ‘Air Balancing’ within a home? Have only been able to find information on 2 individuals, but would be more comfortable with a firm with a reputation, warranty, etc.

Thanks for your time in responding. Have a Blessed Day, Israel

Answer: Isreal,

Thank you for listening – we appreciate you.

Air balancing in a home is the science of making sure that conditioned air flows equally to and from each space in the building. more

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Name: John City: Madison Heights

Question: I have a 3-bedroom ranch home built in the late 1950s. During the winter, the rooms are freezing cold if we close the doors. I’ve had new windows installed (and think I may have been gypped) but haven’t seen a huge difference. I’m thinking next, since the walls are always cold, to have the walls reinsulated. I’ve had an estimate that is more than I’d like to consider. So, I have two questions:

1) Is there a way to spray foam in more

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Name: Ray

City: Macomb/Ray Twp

Question: I am about to start building a 3350 sq foot house, and wanted to get your opinions on geothermal heating cooling, as well as insulation. I am considering geothermal, but I do have natural gas on the property, so I’m not sure if it’s a wise investment. I will be at the home for 20+ years; its our dream house. I’m not too “green”, (like Bob Dutco) so the environmental impacts would not affect my decision.

I also was considering spray foam. more

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Space Heater Safety

Name: Katherine

Question: Are there any space heaters / infrared heaters that are safe for a child’s room?

We have a propane based furnace and the propane bill this winter is already HUGE, and we have at least 3 more months of cold left this season!!! The house is well insulated, but the bedrooms are on the 2nd floor, on the north side of the house–so without the furnace kicked up high, our 1 year old gets cold at night, even with the fuzzy footed PJs! Thanks for more

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Name: Luke

Question: I am a first time homeowner. I bought a 1290 sq. ft. home in April of 2010. Up until this winter I have never seen a winter Consumers bill before. My last four bills showed extreme increases. The bills came in at $53, $120, $182, and the most recent is $274.

I was expecting an increase for winter but am suffering sticker shock. Is this level of increase normal? What should a 1200 sq. ft. home cost to heat?

Thanks for any guidance you may have. more


Recently my wife and I were fortunate enough to find a great deal on a summer cottage in Northern Michigan. We purchased the cottage in the month of September. It was pretty obvious that the children of the previous owner didn’t care about the property because of the neglect. The owner was elderly and could not make it up to the cabin. The children and grand children didn’t make the financial investment, so unfortunately they didn’t care.

Our first more

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Home Heating Help

Question: We have a multi-level home that was custom built by the original homeowner in 1973. We love the home, but our bedroom is 8 degrees cooler than the adjoining family room. This level is built over a crawl space which we had insulated this year. We also replaced the door walls to both of these rooms a few months ago. The bedroom is still very cold. Any ideas of who to call to check into this? The room is more

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Heating the Home

Heating the Home

Question: What is a good alternate heat source. We are on propane. Our house is about 3500 sqft. I have heard that a coal type of furnace, added in the wall is a good choice. We also have a see through fireplace in the kitchen/living room. Who could I call to get some good options?



I feel your pain Kevin,

I am in the same boat you are. I spent $3500.00 in 2007 on propane to keep my more

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