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Gas Range Overheating

My gas range is overheating – what should I do?

Hi Rose,

Thank you for the question.

You gas oven is overheating. We suggest taking issues with gas appliances very seriously and seek a professional solution quickly. You may have a sensor or thermostat failing on the unit.

With gas appliances, you can always find some good information through your utility company regarding appliance service and maintenance.

Talk with the folks at Appliance Service by Joe Gagnon and Sons – 734-953-6991 and see what they have more

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Smelling Gas from Convection Oven

Should I smell gas when I use my oven in convection mode?


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate you!

You should not smell gas when a gas appliance is in operation – much less when it is not! The gas stove/convection oven is designed to combust the gas to produce heat, so there is an issue of gas being released, but not consumed if you can smell the gas.

In a convection oven, we are simply using a fan to circulate the more

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