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Insulated Garage Door

Our garage door is attached to our home – should we buy insulated or non-insulated door? 

Tim and Pam,

Thanks for the information – we appreciate you.

An insulated garage door on an attached garage can certainly help keep the garage warmer and the house it is attached to. How much depends on a lot of factors including orientation, exposure, how the garage is constructed, etc.

We generally prefer insulated doors for this reason and the fact they are heavier so, properly installed, they more

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Costs for Installing a Garage Door

What is the approximate cost for installing a garage door and electric opener?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

As with a lot of things the best answer is “it depends”…

A 16′x7′ door is a standard double garage door size.

Is the door an inexpensive light gauge aluminum, 4 panel, embossed unit? These can variously be had for $400+ or so. As the quality of this door goes up – thicker metal or insulated door, adding windows or additional design more

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Call the Door Doctor


THANK YOU! for being a part of the show and for the great comments!

We really appreciate both!

Call the guys at the The Door Doctor – in your area – 248-442-0368 – and explain your concerns.

Garage doors today have effectively become the “main” door to a residence since they are used nearly every time we leave the house or come back to it.

A dependable door and opening device is not just a convenience so much as it is a safety device more

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Name: Fred

City: Oakland

Question: I have a question about a sagging garage door header. My garage door is 18′ wide. The header is made up of 4 pieces, (2) 2x12x24 nailed together and backed up by a steel plate, 1/8x12x18 which is covered by another 2×12 which is lagged bolted through the steel plate into the first set of 2x12s.

The house was built in 1972 where the one sagging occurred over a long period of time. The sagging has stopped. What more

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Off-kilter Garage Door

Name: Greg

Question: I live in the Romeo area. Who could you recommend to balance my garage door (torsion springs)? How much might it cost? I just installed a new Chamberlin operator/opener and noticed that my door is slightly off balance.

Answer: Greg,

Have the operator installer back to balance the door.

If I were you, then I would call Oxford Overhead door and have them do it.

This can be a dangerous operation for the amateur – so, we tell people to hire a pro!

We have seen and heard more

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