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Is a Furnace Installation a DIY Project?

Can I DIY a furnace installation or do I need to call a professional?


Thanks for the question – we appreciate that you asked it before proceeding with any work!

A furnace is, by law, “hard-wired” in to the main panel through a switch-able circuit. It is not a “portable” appliance to be “cord and plug connected” as a toaster or even a refrigerator might be.

You want this device to be properly and safely installed – both for your protection and that more

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What do I need to know about buying a new furnace?


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

The best advice we can give in regards to buying a new furnace is to call Kelley Brothers at 734-462-6266 and talk with them regarding your purchase of a new furnace.

The units they install have the best warranty from the best installer we know.

They will size it appropriately for the house. Most furnaces are over-sized for the home they more

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Sizing a Furnace for Your Home

Name: Mary

City: Clinton Township

Question: I do listen to your show and I’d like to replace a 24 year old furnace and AC. I live in a condo. I’ve had estimates from Air Conditioning Engineers, Centerline H & C and Superior H & C (my cousin is a salesman here). Then I decided to go on your website and I will be having Main H & C coming in this week (10/23) for an estimate. Two of the first three more

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Furnace Efficiency

Name: Rita

City: Ann Arbor

Question: I have a very old furnace and was wondering if it is a good idea to upgrade to a high efficiency furnace before this one goes completely. Also will it really be a savings I can see?

One other question. I live in a condo on a hill so half my lower level is a walk out. It is so cold downstairs in the winter and hot upstairs in the summer. Is there anyway to help more

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Name: Gwen City: Detroit

Question: I recently had a new remedy furnace installed and it seems the furnace comes on every 3 to 5 minutes. When it comes on it blows cold air, gradually it blows warm air. To me it just doesn’t get warm enough. Is that the way the new furnaces set up? Thank you!

Comment: I listen to the show from time to time while at work. Very informative especially for women.


Thank you for being part of the show.

A new more

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Name: Abe

City: Windsor, Ontario


Hey Guys! I found out my furnace is 20 years old. Should I consider looking to replace the furnace? It still seems to be working fine, but I’ve heard the life expectancy is around 20-25 years. Is there any truth to that?


If your furnace is well maintained it could last another twenty years.

If it is working as you want it to and providing affordable comfort – leave it alone.

Chances are good a new high efficiency unit would pay for itself quickly more


Question: We have a Name brand furnace that is 11 years old. Every year at various points the furnace will stop working. It has a code that says its an ignition lockout. A tech showed me years ago how to clean the flame sensor so I have done that. Last year the company that installed the furnace said we needed a cap for our chimney and that is done. Any suggestions? I hate waking up to an extremely cold house on a Sunday morning!

Thank you and more

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Question: What is a good hourly rate to pay an HVAC person for a furnace installation in a home? Answer:

Andrew, Thank you for listening and trusting us – we appreciate it!

Your question is “What is good hourly rate to pay for a furnace installation?”

The answer is “Anywhere from $30-$100 dollars per hour….BUT…there is more to the question AND to the answer.

Years ago, I had a plumber tell me of a time he responded to an emergency call for a burst water supply pipe in a more

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