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Issues with Foundation Cracks

The foundations in our new home are cracked. Help!


Thank you for the inquiry.

A basement wall in most homes is a vertical extension of the foundation systems and has to support a variety of loadings. It must support the downward load of the house built on top of it and it must, much like a dam, support the load imposed by soils that are placed against it. In some instances it must “bridge” underlying weak soil conditions.

With poured concrete, holding the more

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Ground Water Negatively Effecting Home Foundation

Please help - I have on-going ground water issues with my foundation.


Thank you for the great question.

“Deck sinking and driveway breaking up” are classic symptoms of soil water issues – particularly as freeze/thaw cycles tear things up on the surface.

It is so very important that homeowners make certain surface water from the roof and rains and snow are directed well away from the home and foundations. Good drainage above and below the ground are keys to protecting foundations – for decks more

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Protecting Foundation from Cracking

How can I protect the slab-on-grade foundation around my home from being cold and cracking?

Thank you for the inquiry.

Insulation specifications in our part of the country call for rigid foam to be placed around the perimeter to frost depth – which, at a minimum per the code is 42″ from the finished grade around your home. The rigid foam used for this application must be intended for ground contact and a two-inch thick layer is considered minimum.

Placing this foam above more

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Fixing a “Negative” Grade Foundation


Thank you for listening and for the great comments – we appreciate both!

If the property you are looking at has a “negative” grade – one that actually appears to direct water back toward the house, it can usually be corrected.

The issue that compounds this problem is that the house is a slab-on-grade construction.

This severely limits what you can do to resolve a potentially bad situation!

You should call Terry at Blessed Assurance Home Inspections before you commit to any home purchase. more

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Name: Cari

City: Pontiac

Question: We have a couple leaks in our house. One is a sliding glass door, and another is in a bedroom that is part of an addition that was built in the 90′s. In the bedroom, there is a crack that is going up the wall and about two feet across the ceiling. Could there be mold, and could the leak in the bedroom mean a problem with the foundation?


Thanks for being part of the show.

“Leaks” in a more

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Leaky Basement

Name: Paul Burke

City: Rochester Hills

Question: I have random water leaks into my basement from primarily one wall. The water leaks into the basement from the joint between the footing, up the block wall and where the floor is poured. The open joint at the wall. How can I stop this. Also if this is stopped may the leak go to another wall and then enter the same way there? Unrelated my chimney vents are cracking at the top, the block is gradually more

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Musty Crawl Space

Name: Lisa City: Port Huron Michigan 48060

Question: I am looking at a 1950 sq. foot home built in 1960. It is a brick vinyl ranch with basement and crawl space. The living room floor is raised in the center like a hump back whale and the hallway floor slopes a bit and the hardwood floor in the bedroom has split a little bit. Do you think this might be a major foundation problem? If so are foundation problems that are under more

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