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What do we have to do prep a concrete floor before painting?

Bob and LeeAnn,

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Reading and following manufacturer’s directions really is the way to go today for most product.

Outside we would want to pressure wash at a minimum. In the basement, a good scrubbing with a TSP and a THOROUGH rinse might suffice if the concrete is not “hard troweled” or sealed – much like a garage floor would be. In more

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Name: Michelle

City: Romeo

Question: I have a 120 year old house that needs to not only be painted, but I have a lot of rotted wood that needs to be replaced. Can you recommend a reputable company for this? I want someone familiar with older homes.


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

Your 120 year young house needs some TLC and there is some “rotted” siding┬áthat will also need to be repaired or replaced.

There are a more

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