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Painted Drywall Repairs are Shiny

I’ve painted over some repairs in my drywall and now those spots appear to be shiny. How do I fix this?


Thank you for listening – we appreciate you!

You repaired some holes in the drywall and now the repainted areas are “shiny” and don’t blend in with the surrounding wall.

Assuming the paint itself is the same color and finish (gloss/satin, etc), the solution is fairly simple.

When you have a subtle paint texture on the surrounding walls, instead of dry sanding those more

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Preventing Cracks and Nail Pops

My older home has several cracks and nail pops in the plaster and drywall.


Thanks for the inquiry.

Recurring cracks in plaster and drywall are extremely frustrating.

Such cracks and what we call “nail pops” are the result of the frame moving and/or drying out.

In an older home such as yours it seems reasonable to assume the frame is permanently “settled” and dried. But as we add insulation to these homes and seal them up, it is a common occurrence to have the more

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I’m painting a home with severe drywall cracks and nail pops. How do I repair and keep them from returning?


Thanks for a great question – we appreciate you.

The situation you describe – LOTS of wide cracks in the drywall and LOTS of nail pops is nearly always the result of the drywall being installed over a very wet frames and/or the house being subjected to being closed up and freezing temperatures exist within the house and the frame.

These situations cause more

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DIY Drywall Repairs

 For making repairs to holes the approximate size of a doorknob (4” dia.) or smaller.


You want to make a repair that disappears into the wall surface once it has been re-painted/finished. To accomplish this, you will create a depression in the surface that you will then “fill” to the wall surface around the repair.

What you should know about drywall:

Drywall is typically made of gypsum  – think plaster-of-paris, alabaster, fertilizers – sandwiched between two layers of paper. The product more

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