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Re-Caulking a Shower Door


Thank you for listening to the Inside Outside Guys and for being a part of the show.

You need your shower door re-caulked – it may be a lot harder to find someone that can do this for you. How about a DIY project you can brag about?

First of all, caulk the frame and door on the inside of the shower only. There is no need to caulk both sides – in fact – if moisture somehow gets in/under the frame more

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TSP Mixed with Bleach


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We talked about mixing TSP with bleach and water as a “general cleaner”. A diluted solution carefully applied for the appropriate use is the key. What are you going to clean?

TSP – Tri-Sodium-Phosphate – has been available as a “universal” cleaner for many years.

People found effective use for TSP for everything from cleaning laundry to sprucing up the concrete driveway.

It has more recently been modified due to the harmful more

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DIY Kitchen Flooring

Name: Cindy

City: Westland

Question: We are looking for new flooring for kitchen, great-room and bedroom (all connected/flowing). We have dogs but want the look of real wood. In our search for a laminate, it was recommended to consider vinyl plank flooring. We found a sample from Earthwerks (Accu-Clic LWA 3622) that we really like. We installed Pergo laminate in kitchen 16 years ago, which exceeded our expectations in terms of beauty and resiliency. Which is better, Laminate or Vinyl Plank? When considering more

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Help with Permits

Name: James

City: Taylor, Mi

Question: I’m looking into finishing the basement, and I don’t know about permits and other needs. I can do most of the work myself but am a Godly man and I can’t say “be a Godly man” and then break a law, so I want to see if you can recommend a builder that can get all the permits I may need, but will work with me to let me do as much of the work more

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Name: Carlo

City: Port Alma

Question: I just made a cement bridge over a pond creek. Now that it is finished I discovered the Portland cement bags I thought I had purchased are really masonry cement type S. Will my bridge be OK or should I start over? The bridge is 3 x 7.

Carlo, Thank you for listening and for your great comments about the show – we appreciate it!

You built a “concrete” bridge only to discover one of the “ingredients” may be wrong.

If you used ‘Type more

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Name: Melanie City: Madison Heights Question: I have had a leaking faucet for some time. My husband and his father have taken to the task and cannot seem to work it out. Part of the problem is that this is a faucet installed by the original homeowners and we believe that it may have been rigged. As we don’t how the faucet was installed, it is making it very difficult to fix. We have decided that we should just replace the faucet itself. I wanted to know more

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Name: Gwen

City: Novi

Question: I will be moving into a condo in July. The master bath has a separate tub and shower. The realtor has recommended re-grouting the shower. The shower is probably 6×6 square feet. Is this something I can do myself? I’m not one of those “mechanical” females, but I would like to save some money. Thanks and blessings.


Thank you for listening – we appreciate you.

We are generally NOT the people to recommend doing such things as ceramic tile yourself.

Re-grouting a shower stall more

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Not All Home Repairs are “Do it Yourself!”

I respect a man who can do projects around the house himself. You know the type – if he has a roof leak, he rolls up his sleeves, breaks out a ladder and gets busy. Re-tile the bathroom? Piece of cake! Change a door handle? No problem! Some guys can do almost anything, from rewiring the entire house to putting in a new hot water heater.

What about me, you ask? If I had more

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