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Brrr!! Help Me Keep the Cold Out!

Is there anything that I can put around my gas water heater, to keep the cold out of my bathroom? The bathroom floor is finished with tiles, but nothing under the heater, and the cold comes up from the crawlspace!


That cold floor is the result of heat moving downward through the floor to try to heat your crawl space! Chances are good that you can’t “lose” enough heat to accomplish this because the crawl is not insulated AND likely has more

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Does it make sense to totally seal out moisture from the crawl space?


Thanks. Great question.

Should you install a spray-on water-proofing membrane to the underside of the floor in your crawl space?

The initial part of the answer to this is “Yes” we do want to totally seal out moisture coming into the home from the crawl space below.

There is an old axiom in the industry that “houses need to breathe”. This is generally thought to only reference the need for healthy more

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DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation

How do I minimize moisture in my crawl space? Can you provide some tips on DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation?


Thank you for your questions.

Here is a synopsis of the issues involved with DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation:

If you purchase and install a layer of minimum 6ml plastic on the floor of the crawl and carry it about 12 inches up on  to the foundation walls and attach with a mastice meant for plastic, you have a good start at minimizing moisture intrusion more

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Freezing Pipes in Crawl Space

The pipes in my crawl space have frozen three times since I moved in.


Thank you for your inquiry – we appreciate you.

Freezing pipes can be dangerous as they can wreck havoc when they burst and are not a “cheap” fix.

In a crawl space we would suggest – long term – that you encapsulate the crawl space. That involves some time and expense to do well.

A “quick” preventative to those freezing pipes in the crawl space would be installation of a more

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Thank you for listening and for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

Ideally, you should treat your crawl space exactly like a basement – so you really shouldn’t be opening the vents to the outside – the air in that space should be circulated through the conditioned air in the house  – as long as the space is insulated and sealed as you say.

The duct work is now running through “conditioned” space – that is a good thing more

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Insulating a Crawl Space


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

It sounds as though you almost have your crawl space encapsulated – but for a couple issues.

Did you insulate the floor frame? Was it done with Fiberglass batts?

Do you have a sump crock buried in the crawl with a pump to intercept water below the plastic?

Did you introduce conditioned air in to the crawl when you were finished?

Our philosophy is to treat the crawl like a “short basement” – everything more

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Crawl Space Insulation

Name: Olin City: Southfield

Question: A third of my basement is a crawl space how do I insulate my crawl space, its very cool up stairs during the winter please help what can I do.


Thank you for being a part of the show – we appreciate you!

Wise observation tells you that the cold living space is likely due to the crawl space below.

Heat will flow in any direction – so in your house it is going down in to the crawl space.

You need more

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Name: Jeremiah & Maria

City: Clarkston, MI

Question: Hello, I listen to you guys on 103.5 often and was wondering if you could offer some an advice and direction. We live in a 1400′ish square foot ranch built in the 70′s. It is built on a crawl space and I was wondering if you knew anything about crawl to basement conversions. For example, if it is more cost efficient than an addition, etc? Our neighbors on each side have basements, so more

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Name: Truman,

City: Lake Orion

State: MI

Comments: We have a 1200 square foot two story colonial with a crawl space. The crawl is a 4 ft deep concrete crawl. It has two vent on the east side and one vent on the north side. The crawl also has vents from the furnace/AC. I am confused about how this area should be addressed. I believe it is giving our house a “funny” smell. It doesn’t leak, but the water pipes do have condensation on them. How should this more

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Home Heating Help

Question: We have a multi-level home that was custom built by the original homeowner in 1973. We love the home, but our bedroom is 8 degrees cooler than the adjoining family room. This level is built over a crawl space which we had insulated this year. We also replaced the door walls to both of these rooms a few months ago. The bedroom is still very cold. Any ideas of who to call to check into this? The room is more

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