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What qualifies a contractor/company to be an Inside Outside Guys Partner?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

One of the criteria we employ in looking for Team Partners is a management team that we trust will fulfill the value commitment to our listeners – this is vital.

When a company undergoes a management change that we feel will put that trust at risk, we may no longer want to associate the program with them.

For example, when Pat Kelley left Kelley more

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Window Repair Gone Bad


Thank you and your parents for listening to the show – we appreciate you.

You hired a contractor to “repair” some windows – and based on what you sent us they did what they agreed to do with the windows.

Unfortunately, windows are far more than a sash and some trim and a sill and we would have suggested they remove the old frames and replace with entire new units.

This was not done.

Caulking is still considered an “approved” flashing material to divert more

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Scheduling a Contractor


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

You have an acceptable Bid Proposal for some remodeling, but the contractor is busy and can’t get to it until later in the year.

This happens a lot with good companies and when the economy is moving forward.

It is why we start telling people in February to consider those projects they want to enjoy during the summer.

You might call Tittle Brothers Construction – Greg or Kevin – for a Bid Proposal.

They more

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Musty Smell & Leaks…a Combination of Problems


Thank you for listening to the Inside Outside Guys. We appreciate you.

Do not apologize for being a little afraid when dealing with contractors! A lot of contractors – even those with good intentions – may not understand the “systems approach” of houses and housing.

You are right that a ”musty” smell indicates the presence of moisture/active water. You are also proved right to be using a de-humidifier – as evidenced by the constant need to empty it!

You had your roof re-done – more

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Trusted Contractors in Ontario


Thank you so much for being a part of the show.

We appreciate you.

Do we have a list of trusted contractors in Ontario?

Almost. We know where you can get one that is nearly as good as the Inside Outside Team Partners!

Call the Ontario Home Builders Association and tell them about us – then ask for a list of people they trust to help you out!

Please tell everyone in your great Province about the Guys and where to find them on the more

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Help with Permits

Name: James

City: Taylor, Mi

Question: I’m looking into finishing the basement, and I don’t know about permits and other needs. I can do most of the work myself but am a Godly man and I can’t say “be a Godly man” and then break a law, so I want to see if you can recommend a builder that can get all the permits I may need, but will work with me to let me do as much of the work more

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Name: Kara City: Shelby Township

Question: My in-laws have recently moved in with us (myself, my husband, and 2 kids). We have a 4 bed, 1 bath ranch and really want to add on. On average, how much would it be for us to add on a bath (toilet, sink, shower) and a Florida room or something similar. Thank you.


Thanks for listening – we appreciate you.

Good for you for helping family!

Costs are dependent on a LOT of factors – that bath could go from $6,000 more

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Getting to Know the Underbelly of the Housing Industry

By: C.P. Breidenstein, CAPS, MiHERS CGP, CGB. Host of Metro-Detroit’s The Inside Outside Guys on FM 103.5.

Homeowners are between the rock of proverb and a really hard place. Hiring any professional whether medical, legal, mechanical or “other” is an anguished and high risk role of the dice.

How can we know what questions to ask or whose referral to trust? The real truth is that if we knew what the real professionals know, more

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Is it Best to Hire a Christian Contractor?

When looking for a contractor to work on your home, is it important that you try to hire a Christian company?

Trying to find the right company to work on your home can be a tiresome and scary task. You’re going to be exposing your home and family to people you don’t know for a couple of days for a small project up to a few months or longer for a larger project (like more

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