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Is it possible to hire a contractor to install products and materials I previously purchased?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

You are looking for a professional that will work with you to install product and materials you purchased.

We certainly understand why a homeowner would try to safe money by purchasing their own supplies, but the truth is they often spend more because professional contractors can usually buy better quality for less money. Those same contractors also tend to more

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Two Areas of Expertise?

Can a great duct cleaning company also provide professionally installed attic insulation?


Thank you for the inquiry and the trust – we appreciate both!

We rarely hear from a listener concerned about a price that is too low!

Amistee does great work – as you know. They are well trained and manage the business and service end of the business with great care.

What a lot of our listeners do not know about them is that they also install attic insulation. They have run more

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