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Hiring a Builder – What You Need to Know

Our daughter is purchasing land and hiring a builder. What should she be thinking about?


Thank you for a great question.

There are sooo very many things we would suggest when purchasing land and hiring a contractor.

You can access from our web site a short sheet on “How to Hire a Contractor”.

The land purchase should involve a good Realtor and a good Title company to cover all the bases legally and assure clear title without unknown encumbrances such as liens, right-of-way issues, deed more

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Rolled Roofing


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

Is there a roll roofing product/system that can last for decades on a roof without replacement?


Rolled roofing product is manufactured essentially the same way most shingle roofing product is made – the difference simply being a lack or visual ‘texture” on the roof since the roll material tends to lay flat in a single sheet compared to the individually applied shingles we are used to.

Shingles are meant for sloped roofs more

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Name: Neil

City: Westland

Question: In my back yard, I have both a security light on a pole as well as a built-in gas grill. I would like to have them removed but I’m not sure who to call – a landscaper, a general contractor? Would you please make a suggestion on who to call in my area? Thanks, Neil


Thank you for being part of the show.

You are looking for someone to remove a built-in gas grill and a security light pole.

Does more

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Tips provided as a courtesy to listeners of The Inside Outside Guys.

Is the contractor properly licensed for the work in question, and have they shown a copy of the current license? You can verify actual licenses by visiting . Is the contractor currently and sufficiently insured to protect the homeowner from potential injury and damage claims? It may be appropriate for you to talk to your insurer to verify potential claim issues. How long has the company been in business in this more
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The Battle to Maximize Value in a Purchase

By: C. P. Breidenstein, CAPS, MiHERS, CGP, CGR

Provided By: The Inside Outside Guys

One of the most difficult things to sell to someone is a product they do not understand.

Price alone can often prevent someone from making an intelligent, value purchase. Too low a price and you buy something that quickly fails. Too high a price and you may see the product as unattainable.

Buying and Selling mistakes don’t merely cost us money. They cost more

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Is it Best to Hire a Christian Contractor?

When looking for a contractor to work on your home, is it important that you try to hire a Christian company?

Trying to find the right company to work on your home can be a tiresome and scary task. You’re going to be exposing your home and family to people you don’t know for a couple of days for a small project up to a few months or longer for a larger project (like more

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