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Should I Hire a Professional to Clean My Chimney?

I need my chimney cleaned. Should I hire a professional chimney sweep?


Thank you for the inquiry.

A lot of people look to cleaning their chimney as a DIY task and we always caution them in this regard.

Not counting the potential for a fall off a roof or creating damage to the roof by getting up on it, the concerns would be potentially damaging the chimney or chimney lining and/or knocking soot down on to the smoke shelf and creating a possibly more

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Black Dust & a Smelly Chimney


Thanks for listening to the Inside Outside Guys.

Could an “odd smell” come from a chimney? Could a chimney be the source of black “dust” in the house?

Yes and yes!

The Guys have talked many times about the type of solid-fuel devices used, the specific fuel used in them and the need to clean fire boxes and chimneys.

A wood-burning fireplace is the most popular type of solid fuel burning device in this part of the country.

A typical fireplace built 2-50 years ago more

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Leaking Basement Walls

Name: Paul

City: Rochester Hills

Question: I have random water leaks into my basement from primarily one wall. The water leaks into the basement from the joint between the footing, up the block wall and where the floor is poured. The open joint at the wall. How can I stop this. Also if this is stopped may the leak go to another wall and then enter the same way there?

Unrelated my chimney vents are cracking at the top, the block is gradually breaking up. The chimney is only used for the fireplace which more

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Name: Amy City: Lenox

Question: I am the office manager of a manufactured housing community. I need to find a company to inspect and clean fireplaces and chimneys of our homes. Any recommendations?

Answer: Thank you for listening and for your great comments – we appreciate you! It is a good thing to be concerned about getting those chimneys cleaned on a regular basis. Our best recommendation for this type of service is KC Masonry. You can reach them at 877-m-a-s-o-n-r-y (627-6679).

Please more

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Question: We have a Name brand furnace that is 11 years old. Every year at various points the furnace will stop working. It has a code that says its an ignition lockout. A tech showed me years ago how to clean the flame sensor so I have done that. Last year the company that installed the furnace said we needed a cap for our chimney and that is done. Any suggestions? I hate waking up to an extremely cold house on a Sunday morning!

Thank you and more

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