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Seeing Spots – Mold???

I see black spots on my drywall – is it mold?


Thank you for the question – a great one a lot of people deal with.

The “black” you are seeing could be indications of past mold issues  – especially if the material appears dried and more flaky vs damp and “punky”.

It may be that a prior owner tried to cover it up without proper prior preparation – including use of a good KILZ primer or similar product.

If the area is still more

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Basement Mold

Our new home has mold in the basement – what to do? 


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you!

Basements are typically constructed with materials that have cement in them. These materials are really good at conducting moisture from the ground into your basement space 24/7. Additionally, most concrete or concrete block basements have cracks of some type or through-wall rod holes. These can bring active water and additional moisture in to the basement, which can cause mold.

Breathing mold in more

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Black Mold Tests

Are there any affordable, reliable tests for Black Mold?


Thanks for listening to the Inside Outside Guys – we appreciate you.

Your nose is one of the more reliable “tests” for the presence of any mold.

Everyone is afraid of “Black Mold” – but only a few strains of black mold are highly toxic. The most toxic mold is actually a “red” mold.

The popular Black Mold lovingly referred to as “Stachy” has to be tested in a lab to determine if it is more

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Tested Positive for Black Mold

We have had a positive test for Black Mold. Who can we get to re-mediate this?


Thank you for listening – we appreciate you!

There are many different types of molds and many different types of black molds. Some are toxic to humans while others are far less so. The black mold everyone fears is Stachybotris Charterum.

If your tests did not identify a specific toxic type, you have a little less to worry about regarding your health.

Molds need oxygen, food, warmth and more

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Mold in My Toilet!

Name: Debora

City: Clarkston

Question: I have black mold in all of my toilets and even my bathroom sink.  What is this and is it dangerous?  I live in a 32 yr. old condo.

Comment: I love your show, I listen to it on WMUZ.



Thank you for listening and for your great comments!

You suspect black is the culprit staining your toilet bowls and sinks.

Do you have black mold or magnesium deposits? One way to check would be to partially turn on a sink more


Black Mold?

Name: Tom

City: Farmington Hills

Comments: I have a dark spot on a vaulted ceiling that does not go away. I am concerned that it may be mold. We had the ceiling repainted several years ago and they used kills on it but after a while it came back. I would like to send a picture I took of it to you. Before I get it repaired I want to e sure it is not black mold. Can you tell me what more

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Major Mold

Name: John

Question: We have discovered a significant mold problem in our bathroom. We are in the middle of replacing a leaking shower and the contractor has shown us black colored mold on the sub-floor and the walls. They are suggesting that we have the entire house treated with an aerosol treatment followed by a special cleaning of all carpets. Their premise is that the mold could easily have spread throughout the house and we are taking a risk if we don’t do this. The mold probably more

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By: C.P. Breidenstein

Reprinted as a courtesy for The Inside Outside Guys. No other use or reproduction, in whole or in part, is authorized without the prior written permission of the author.

It’s everywhere,

It’s 25-50 percent of the earth’s bio-mass. With up to four million spores in a single gram of dirt, the accused causes most of the allergies that plague mankind. In its infinite varieties, it is sometimes considered a tasty and healthy treat found in those mushrooms on your pizza, more

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By: C.P. Breidenstein, Courtesy of The Inside Outside

As houses are built to a tighter standard with more insulation and a higher degree of air sealing, new problems begin to manifest. One of those is the appearance of black stains or “ghosting” on various surfaces in the home including walls, ceilings and carpets.

A better understanding of the problem, its sources, and some potential cures may help the homeowner better “shop” the services of a professional to help resolve the issues.

The more

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