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Water, Water, Everywhere

Two issues: First – we have water coming through the wall that is adjacent to the driveway; and Secondly – in our north-facing downstairs bedroom, we have sticky, tea-colored spots on the ceiling.


Thank you.

Based on your description of the initial issue it would seem as though water is coming into the basement from the concrete drive adjacent to it. This is fairly common in situations where the concrete cannot shed water away from the home in heavy rains. If this more

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Bathroom Exhaust Fan


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

Great catch discovering that the vent from your bathroom exhaust terminates in your attic rather than outside as it should.

That little nuance could cause sooooo much damage over time and is actually illegal today – as it should be.

You ask if the fan can be wired to activate based on a timer? The answer is “yes” – as it could also be tied to a motion sensor, humidity and more

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