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Holey Grout

We have a tiled shower in our 1980′s home that has little holes forming in the grout between the tiles. How can we cover them up? Can we re-grout these tiny openings or is there a product that would fill in these small holes? Tried putting clear caulk over it and the caulk is starting to peel away.


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Grouted tile should be stable during its useful life and should not “change” in any way, i.e. more

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Removing Haze on Shower Tiles

How do I remove that “haze” on shower tiles?


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From your description of the problem it sounds more like a water/soap scum issue than a grout haze from the initial tile installation.

Generally, a  four-to-one mixture of warm water to distilled white vinegar – a slightly acidic solution – and a little elbow grease will remove the haze. If it is more stubborn than that, try using a solution of 2-3% hydrogen peroxide on the more

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Re-Coating Ceramic Tile

How durable is the “acid-spray” process for re-coating old ceramic tile?


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There is a long-standing process for re-coating ceramic tile in “wetted” areas – generally tub and shower surrounds that involve the use of epoxy paints for good durability.

The surfaces are prepped using either a muriatic acid wash or a carbide sand paper to rough up the glazed surface and provide a bonding surface for the specialized primers used more

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Crumbling Bathroom Tile

Help! The tile in my bathroom is crumbling. 


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If the tile in your bathroom is actually “crumbling” as you say, you probably have some substrate issues that are the result of long-term moisture and dry rot.

We would suggest you discuss this with an expert remodeler to see what your options are and what is involved.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels tend to have the highest residual value in a home – so they are generally considered more

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