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Crumbling Bathroom Tile

Help! The tile in my bathroom is crumbling. 


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

If the tile in your bathroom is actually “crumbling” as you say, you probably have some substrate issues that are the result of long-term moisture and dry rot.

We would suggest you discuss this with an expert remodeler to see what your options are and what is involved.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels tend to have the highest residual value in a home – so they are generally considered more

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HELP! I need a copy of the residential code regarding headroom requirements for bathrooms in the basement.


Thank you for your question.

We are not certain as to the specific issue at hand, so we will try an educated guess.

The Michigan Residential Code, MRC, is a copyrighted material – we don’t know where you can “download” it for free. You may be able to view a copy at the public library or at a stocking book store.

The code enforcement officials in your city should more

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Remodeling a Bathroom


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

Every house needs a great bathroom or two – or even more!

Quality of life issues are certainly impacted by having nice, functional bathroom spaces where we can get away from the world and refresh.

The marketplace also places a high premium on good, well designed bathroom spaces, so your remodel project is a good one.

Too many people don’t work with a quality company on the design side of the project more

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New Bathtub


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

Bathtub re-finishing is a tricky science and the Inside Outside Guys are not big fans.

We look for value in everything we talk about and an old bathtub – even re-finished – is still an old bathtub.

Because there are so many different configurations of tubs and surface issues that impact them, we have seen many re-finish systems fail in short order – just like you did in this instance.

Do your more

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Name: Jim

City: Rocheseter Hills

Question: Hi Guys,

My wife has informed me that we are going to completely remodel our master bathroom–tile, cabinet, top, sink, shower–everything. I would appreciate the names of one or two contractors for this work. I want people who will do what they say when they say they will do it, and quality work for a reasonable price.

Any suggestions? Jim Jim,

Good for you – catering to the desires of your bride and increasing the comfort and value of your more

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