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Remodeling a Bathroom


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Every house needs a great bathroom or two – or even more!

Quality of life issues are certainly impacted by having nice, functional bathroom spaces where we can get away from the world and refresh.

The marketplace also places a high premium on good, well designed bathroom spaces, so your remodel project is a good one.

Too many people don’t work with a quality company on the design side of the project more

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Musty Smelling Bathroom

Name: Anthony City: Troy

Question: I bought a house that was a flip about 2 1/2 years ago. He put in a new bathroom The problem I’m having is the smell. It’s either a musty smell or something else that I can’t get rid of. I would like to clean the grout and reseal it before I re-grout the entire wall around the tub. The grout that was used it a coarse or gritty type almost has a texture of sand. more

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Replace Bathtub

Name: Tom

City: Wixom

Question: I have a small bathroom where my bathtub is the entire width of the bathroom. We would like to replace it but can’t imagine how to get it out and then how to get a new one in! Is there a trick to this or did they probably put the tub in before they finished the walls?


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Your old bathtub runs across the entire width of the room – how did they more

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Name: Robert

City: Harper Woods

Question: Hello, Our house was built in the 50′s and in the bathroom there is a drop-down above the shower curtain. After a shower, the ceiling and sides of this cubicle stays moist for quite some time and we get some mold in several areas. I have installed a ceiling fan which is for a slightly larger bathroom (but not much larger) thinking this would help; it did some, but not enough. I am wondering if this drop down should be more

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Name: Gwen

City: Novi

Question: I will be moving into a condo in July. The master bath has a separate tub and shower. The realtor has recommended re-grouting the shower. The shower is probably 6×6 square feet. Is this something I can do myself? I’m not one of those “mechanical” females, but I would like to save some money. Thanks and blessings.


Thank you for listening – we appreciate you.

We are generally NOT the people to recommend doing such things as ceramic tile yourself.

Re-grouting a shower stall more

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Name: Martha

City: Macomb Question: We are ready to do some home improvements in our home…could you recommend a company that could tell me where to put the money first? I know we are going to do the kitchen; how do I know how much money to put into a remodel? I don’t want to over-invest if we won’t get a return. Thank you for your help. I really enjoy your show.


Thanks for listening – GREAT QUESTION!

The kitchen is always a good place to start. more

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Name: George and Bonnie

Question: We want know what to do about identifying the mold in our bathroom and how to cost effectively get rid of it. Our insurance says they wont pay.

George and Bonnie,

Thanks for listening – we appreciate it.

To find out for sure what kind of mold it is you would need a certified mold inspection company or remediation company.

Call Scott at B-aware home inspections to identify the mold 248-651-2614.

Then if it’s something he does not recommend you tackle yourself.

Call Cem more

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Question: Could you recommend a good product to clean the bathroom tile and tub with to help keep the mildew away? I listen to your program when I can on Saturday in Ypsilanti, MI and I enjoy it.

Thank You,



Thank you for listening – we really appreciate it!

You would like a non-abrasive – and what you use depends upon what you have – are you cleaning cast iron, ceramic tile, or acrylic tubs – or perhaps a little of all three?

Do more

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