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Tub Relining

I’m considering relining my bathtub. Can you give me any information?


Thanks for the inquiry – we do appreciate it.

Bath tub re-lining has gained a lot of popularity with the use of high-end acrylics that can be vacuum-shaped to fit most any existing tub. The panels are usually 1/4″ thick, which makes them quite strong and resistant to most types of damage.

Some of the issues we are informed of include panels that are not perfectly formed to the existing tub causing more

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This is a classic result of re-lining an existing tub.

If the liner is not a prefect fit, or is simply not uniformly and properly attached, water can get get between it and the tub and create mold issues and worse.

There are typically no mechanical fasteners for this – only glues.

If you could completely dry out the space between the two, you have nothing to lose by attempting to re-seal the gap, but it is likely going to be a recurring more

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New Bathtub


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

Bathtub re-finishing is a tricky science and the Inside Outside Guys are not big fans.

We look for value in everything we talk about and an old bathtub – even re-finished – is still an old bathtub.

Because there are so many different configurations of tubs and surface issues that impact them, we have seen many re-finish systems fail in short order – just like you did in this instance.

Do your more

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Restoring Bathtubs

Name: Connie

Question: Do you have the names of companies that caulk/recoat /restore bathtubs?


Thanks for being part of the show.

Looking for companies that “caulk/restore/re-coat” bathtubs?

We are not big fans of re-glazing or re-lining tubs – we just haven’t yet found the company/product we believe worth the investment.

Thus far – in our experience, you are better off putting the money in to a new tub or tub/shower unit.

For that kind of expertise we suggest Clearwater Construction and Art Grace at 734-502-5060.

When a professional is more

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Replace Bathtub

Name: Tom

City: Wixom

Question: I have a small bathroom where my bathtub is the entire width of the bathroom. We would like to replace it but can’t imagine how to get it out and then how to get a new one in! Is there a trick to this or did they probably put the tub in before they finished the walls?


Thanks for being part of the show.

Your old bathtub runs across the entire width of the room – how did they more

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