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Does Insurance Cover Basement Leaks?

Would my insurer cover the cost to correct a basement water leak? 


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

Chances are good your insurer will not cover the repairs for basement water intrusion – but for the sake of a phone call to your agent it is certainly worth the time to find out. Better yet, inquire with a email to document the conversation.

Call Rich at Kent Home Services – 855-968-5368 – and discuss the situation with him. Kent is expert more

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Basement Window Wells

Wouldn’t outside basement window wells be a catch for water and cause leaks? 


Good to hear from you.

Basement window wells or area-ways have been a part of both residential and commercial construction for over a century. When people realized the value of the subterranean square footage and the need to provide natural light and ventilation, area-ways were created.

Will water naturally pool there and cause problems?

As long as A) the grade around the windows slopes away from them and does not invite more

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