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Basement Finishing Questions

What is your opinion on wood vs metal studs as well as rolled insulation vs foam board/blown in foam insulation in a basement finishing project. 


In a basement that is likely to experience higher humidity, if not higher active moisture, steel studs for framing are a great alternative since they cannot be consumed by molds and mildew.

They are lightweight, non-load bearing and fastened with screws and rivets. They are typically at a similar price-point to good quality wood, though a professional more

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Name: Wayne

City: Macomb

Question: I want to know how to install a vapor barrier and insulation in my basement walls? I know spray is the best but I will be doing in so I would use the batt insulation.

Wayne, Thanks for being part of the show.

Installing a vapor barrier and insulation in a basement is something that can pay HUGE dividends if things are done properly.

Vapor is moisture suspended in the air – like the vapor trails of an overhead jet.

Vapor barriers more

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