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Attic Ventilation Simplified

Can you shed some light on the issue of attic ventilation?


Thanks for a great question – we appreciate the inquiry.

Since one can assume some temperature movement from heated home to ventilated attic, and some temperature exchange from hot outside to cooler attic space, it becomes increasingly important to provide proper and dependable ventilation of the attic space so moisture from condensed warm air doesn’t stay in that attic and cause further damage.

In any space where we want to either introduce more

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Resolving Mold in the Attic

Can I clean up mold in the attic?


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The air above the insulation in the attic should be free to move from the vents at the lowest part of the attic through vents at the highest portion of the attic.

If moisture has wetted and compacted the insulation, it should be replaced.

If you see a little mold on the top surface of the drywall, but the drywall is otherwise solid, it could be lightly misted more

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Humidifier in the Attic


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Should you use a portable dehumidifier in the crawl space to minimize mold and mildew down there?

The short answer is “Generally Yes”.

Frigidaire makes several well recommended models.

You want to make sure the unit is a little up off the crawl floor and drained directly to a permanent drain system such as a sump crock.

Sumps should have lids and be sealed as should the crawl floor with a minimum 6ml plastic lapped and more

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Moisture in Attic

Name: Nick

City: Dearborn

Question: I need help finding the right professional on your list to help me with some moisture in my attic issues. I believe inadequate ventilation and sealing is to blame. We have installed a central air humidifier since we have young babies and I think this moisture is causing issues with mildew growing on one of my doors to my bungalow hip attic. On the other side I have mildew growing near the door. I put new weather stripping more

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Critters in the Attic

Name: Peggy Spinner

City: Ypsilanti

Question: I heard scratching in either the ceiling or wall near the ceiling this morning in my bedroom. My cat heard it too. I’m on a slab. I had siding put on my house two years ago which makes me think there wouldn’t be holes for a critter. But there sounds like there is a critter. What do I do? How do I safely get rid of it and not harm my two cats? Thanks for your help and/or more

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