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Costly Dehumidifier vs. A/C Unit

Do you  have any suggestions for a good dehumidifier for our basement (average size, half finished recreation, half unfinished storage area)? We currently have a Frigidaire energy star but it runs continuously! It does a good job drying out the chilly dampness but our electric bill is going up, up, up – about 25% higher than last year! We need to reduce the amount of electricity and lower our bill. 


Thank you so much for your question.

Dehumidification is big issue during more

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Funny Noises Coming from my AC Unit

My AC unit is making a funny noise. I need someone in my area I can trust. 


Thanks for the inquiry – your friends are correct – you can trust our referral.

An AC unit – like any piece of mechanical equipment – requires regular maintenance.

It is, fundamentally, a “refrigeration unit” and if it loses refrigerant as most units will over time, it runs very inefficiently and very expensively! It could be a compressor going bad or requiring service. It could simply more

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Air Conditioner running in Cold Weather

Name: Bonnie

City: Macomb, MI

Question: Hi Guys,

I was just outside (in early November) and walked past where my central A/C unit sits. I noticed that it was running. It’s not hot outside. Should it be running or is that a problem?





Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

You say your outside AC unit was running on a day in November when it was not hot outside……hmmm.

If you have a ground or air source heat exchanger tied to more

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Name: Israel City: South Lyon

Question: Hello. Would you know of any reputable firms that handle ‘Air Balancing’ within a home? Have only been able to find information on 2 individuals, but would be more comfortable with a firm with a reputation, warranty, etc.

Thanks for your time in responding. Have a Blessed Day, Israel

Answer: Isreal,

Thank you for listening – we appreciate you.

Air balancing in a home is the science of making sure that conditioned air flows equally to and from each space in the building. more

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Air Conditioner Safety

Name: Lydia

City: Detroit

Question: DTE recently moved my gas meter from inside my basement to outside under the window that I put my window air conditioner in for the summer. Is it safe now to use that window for my air conditioner?

Comment: The show is great! I learn so much. You guys are my new “house cleaning music” and I do a much better job now that I listen to you (smile.)


Thanks for listening – we appreciate you!

Is it safe to have a window air more



Look at your thermostat - set to “cool” with temp set below room temp - if it is programmable put new batteries in it. Turn switch to “auto” setting  – if you hear the unit come on the power is fine. If not it may be a fuse/circuit or other issue. Now set selector switch to “cool” and more
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