I’ve painted over some repairs in my drywall and now those spots appear to be shiny. How do I fix this?


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You repaired some holes in the drywall and now the repainted areas are “shiny” and don’t blend in with the surrounding wall.

Assuming the paint itself is the same color and finish (gloss/satin, etc), the solution is fairly simple.

When you have a subtle paint texture on the surrounding walls, instead of dry sanding those repairs use a damp sponge to “wet” sand the repairs.

This actually allows you to create a light Рor even medium heavy Рtexture on the wall and blend it in to the adjacent areas because you are not removing the excess mud on the repair so much as re-distributing it.

After you prime and finish coat the repair, use a roller to blend the color and texture to the surrounding area. The nap on the roller will determine lighter of heavier texture.

A shorter nap (say 1/4 inch) will hold less paint and provide a smoother finish – whereas a longer nap will hold more paint and provide more texture.

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