We’re looking to purchase a home. The sewer inspector was there only a few minutes when he indicated that the sewer pipe had collapsed. Is this a problem that can be fixed and do you think we should negotiate with the sellers to have them fix the problem or walk away from the sale? 


Thank you for the great question.

A sewer pipe collapse was diagnosed by an expert in only a couple minutes. Not sure how a total sewer collapse was so quickly diagnosed unless the back up is known to originate between the house outlet and the street tap.

I would not let this issue stop an otherwise good purchase. These things do happen eventually to every home and knowing it will be properly corrected could be seen as a plus for a new occupant.

As long as it is a negotiated item I would want it fixed well and right – with new pipe – a more expensive proposition – but a far more permanent solution.

You would also want a back-flow preventer installed since the pipe is being replaced  – this may have to be borne by the buyer, but is well worth the peace of mind and would be a little cheaper if done as a part of a larger job.

You might also call Dave from Waterwork plumbing to get a trustworthy second opinion and pricing – 248-542-8022 – tell him The Guys told you to call.

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