We inherited quite a mess in our home. The previous owners planted and neglected annuals. I thought it would bloom into pretty grass but every year it’s straw! The entire bed looks bad. I want to remove it now, especially since the soil is soft. How do I proceed and ensure that it won’t come back next year or the year after?


Thank you for your question.

Annuals are only intended to come up one year – then die off, so you are in a situation where you can rake any roots into the loose soils you have and plant whatever it is you want to grow there.

If you want to put in perennials – they will grow again next year and flourish in good conditions.

If you simply want to put in grass seed, now is the time to seed, rake it in and tamp it firm – then supply light watering every couple days until the seed begins to germinate and sprout. Use a seed typically good for both sun and shade.

Hopefully this helps get you started toward a beautiful plot.

Let us know if you have other questions and tell everyone you know to listen to the Inside Outside Guys.

Blessings and stay well,

The Guys

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