I’m in the planning stages of building a new home. What can you tell me about the Superior Wall Foundation System?


Thanks for a great question.

What is known as the “Superior Wall Foundation System” is a great product for new homes. It is a pre-cast concrete wall set on a stone footing and backfilled with well-drained material.

The concrete is a high-cement mix that provides excellent strength and resistance to water/moisture infiltration.

The wall panels are precast off-site and assembled on site such that your foundation system can be installed in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks.

Additionally, the cross section of the wall itself has cast “wall cavities” on the interior face such that you can insulate the wall and run utilities (such as wiring)¬†through the cavities. The pre-cast “studs” have dense plastic/wood cast into the faces so that finish materials like drywall can be easily attached on the inside of the wall.

The positive aspects of the system include strength, full concrete face on the exterior, a system surrounded by a drainage layer so that the basement should NEVER have water which also means very little humidity compared to other basements. In addition, the panelized aspect allows for reduced site construction time, and the walls can be easily wired, insulated and finished.

If you are building in heavy clay soils, we would suggest an 8″ layer of pea gravel under the entire basement to expedite drainage from hydrostatic water pressure to a crock or gravity tile.

Hopefully this provides some food for thought as you consider the new home specifications.

Stay in touch with us as the work progresses and tell everyone you know to listen to the Inside Outside Guys.


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